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Reply from the Patient’s family: This test has been done on 11 October 2020 and the Patient is still suffering from diarrhoea. Any other input please?


Can any smart Doctors around the World please help?


This elderly Lady is close to 80 years of age and she is a pancreatic cancer survivor, has past history of Heart Attack and a stent has been installed. She has hypertension, high  Cholesterol and is also allergic to Penicillin.


On 8 October 2020, she was admitted to the Hospital to have an operation on her right middle finger as it was swollen for 2 days and was getting worse. The Doctors suspected that it could be virus infection and after opening up, found that the cause of swelling is due to gout. After removing the gout, they left the wound open for a few days, later they found it clean, they sewed it back.


The following is a series of events that we need the smart Doctors around the World to please advise:

8th October 2020: The operation to open up was performed under General Anaesthesia until late at night.

From 9th to 12th October, the Patient was given Tramadol as pain-killer besides taking her usual medications.

The Doctor gave the Lactulose to the Patient without first checking if the Patient has constipation problem after the operation. Lactulose was given to the Patient on 9th October 7:55am, 12:34pm & 10 October, 8am. On 9th October, the Patient passed motion at 1:20pm & 3:00pm, but she passed motion 10 times (due to diarrhoea) on 10th October.

Then, the doctor stopped giving the Patient Lactulose and started to give the Patient Lacteol Fort on the following days:

11 October 2020: 9am & 7:16pm (the Patient passed motion 11 times due to diarrhoea).

12 October 2020: 8:00am & 7:50pm (the Patient passed motion 8 times due to diarrhoea).

13 October 2020: 7:30am & 7:30pm (the Patient passed motion 6 times due to diarrhoea).

14 October 2020: 8:20am & 7:00pm (the Patient passed motion 6 times due to diarrhoea).

15 October 2020: 8:00am (the Patient passed motion 5 times due to diarrhoea before 12:00 noon). We stop doing the recording after noon.

Antibiotic administered via injection into a vein of the Patient: CLINDAMYCIN 600mg from  9th to 14th October 2020.


The Surgical Doctor wanted to discharged the Patient earlier on 12th October but finally decided that it should be 15th October 2020 even the Patient is still having this diarrhoea. The family members disagreed as the Patient is still unwell due to the diarrhoea. The Surgical Team have tried from 9th to 15th October 2020 to control the diarrhoea but failed.


Any smart Doctors who knows the Solution please reply to @Michael65413248 and help. We hate to see the Patient being treated like a “guinea pig”. Many Thanks.


We will publish your useful solution to make you famous. May God Bless the smart & good Doctors around the World. 8-D



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