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6. Are you planning to buy a HDB Flat soon? (updated on 5 February 2020)


How to build housing or condo units that sell like “hot cakes”? new!

The “You know who” needs $$$$$$ & that’s why they need to sell plots of land regardless of many built units unsold!

The Developers thought that Singapore needs more housing and commercial units & quickly prepare to tender to bid for the land!

There is a serious misjudgement of the unwritten intentions of the “You know who” here. Dear Developers, don’t get conned!


Updates on 5 March 2020

Look here, Some People have found a new way to get rid of the unwanted & unsold HDB Flats:

HDB to do away with re-offer of balance flats exercise: Lawrence Wong

We have been looking around to see HDB Show-flats to verify all the adverse comments that many have put forward to us but all we can see is this HDB “My Nice Home Gallery”. Please see the physical Flats, take pictures and see exactly what furniture items can fit in. Look carefully at the Bedrooms especially the Master Bedroom!

If they refuse to let you take pictures, it could mean that someone has the intention to misrepresent the facts!  Our advice is that you should never buy if all you can see are “virtual show flats”. Many commented that these people have done it so well that each of them appears at least 10 times the actual size.

Bring a tape & measure all the important dimensions of the Show Flats! Let’s see if the PAP Government dares to sell you Flats substantially smaller than what being displayed!

Buy with caution! Don’t regret & fret later! 8-(


Updates on 31 January-1 February 2020

Unable to sell their HDB flats, so they intensify the advertisements on TV 24/7 to induce People to buy; they even show how “many people can have big Parties” in their Flats! Don’t get conned, this kind of flat is likely those built before 1994-1995! When you walk into a new HDB Flat, you will know what we mean!

Dear Big Bullies, to help in your marketing, you should open up your newly built HDB Flats for the World to see! We will help you to make it as the Singapore Tourists Attraction!  Want us to help you to stick HDB posters everywhere in Singapore to boost your sales? We can do it for you FREE so that the World will know that Some People have left so many vacant HDB Flats in the Market that many refuse to buy. Want to sell “stale fish” later? 8-D

You’d better let the Homeless shift in to help you to maintain the vacant Flats Free! You shouldn’t use the State Funds to subsidise HDB coming Net Losses as you have done for so many years (see next page); these funds would have been better used to feed many Singaporeans whom you have made Jobless and for them to start new businesses!

Look at the Losses in HDB every year, if we continue to let Some Losers run the Government, do you think Singapore will turn “??????” in no time? Dear smart Singaporeans, shall we make them pay?


Updates on 12 January 2020

See the News here to boast about the Construction Sector as reported in CNA, Straits Times & the Business Times and you decide if they are fake news! It is a known fact that many new Residential units remained unsold (see above & below)!

It is important that the construction sector continues to be driven by a skilled and capable Singapore core, Mr Zaqy Mohamad said. You know he is the Deputy Government Whip (see item 12). Let’s see if the Singaporeans can still love him & vote for him in the next General Election!

Dear Big Bullies, you can say all kinds of things & tell us they are Truth but time is running out for you! If the Singaporeans (many are qualified) still unable to find suitable jobs before the next General Election before 15 January 2021, you can guess what you fate is!

We welcome many to Singapore but you see how the Big Bullies had awarded Mega infrastructure projects & yet left many Singaporeans unable to work on these projects in item 10 & busy boosting jobless rate!


Reported on 16 December 2019: HDB to launch 17000 BTO HDB Flats in 2020 (see the new paper, CNA, The Straits Times).

Mr Lawrence Wong said they are “good homes for all Singaporeans”. See our findings below & the World can decide if Some People are Expert & Professional Con Artists!


Huge Grant given and in a beautiful environment!  HDB launches 8170 new flats in November 2019 Sales exercise as reported in CNA, The Straits Times and TODAYonline.

Kindly be reminded that till this day, none of the PAP Rulers & MPs who supervised the design and construction of these Flats dare to accept our challenge to shift in and show us how to live comfortably in a small flat. Why?

Now just walk into the Master bedroom of any newly constructed HDB Flat, it can only have enough space to fit in a Queen-size bed, not enough space for a proper Wardrobe and a Dressing Table. The other bedrooms in the same unit are even worse. Not enough space to walk about too!

You decide if this kind of flat is hazardous for any baby! He may accidentally knock his cute head or have something fallen on his tiny body, hands or feet due to so many things forced to clutter together!

We would encourage you to buy the Flat if you can just buy today and sell tomorrow! But this is never the case!

Warning: When it’s time for you to upgrade, you may not be able to find a buyer who is willing to pay at your asking price if the Flat is really considered “unfit” by many!

Fail to sell the Flat in the Resale Market later? Must sell back to HDB? Does it mean that you are unable make enough profit to upgrade? You decide!

Quick fix: Let a New Government who is determined to build bigger Flats for the Families in Singapore to take over! You know what you will need to do next!

The good thing is you are still free to go and enjoy the nice environment in that nice neighbourhood even you do not buy any Flat!


Updates on 7 November 2019


Do you see the HDB advertisement on TV 24/7 to encourage you to buy? Over-built & Over-supply but only few interested? You see the advertisements only show you the outside of the Flat, never the inside! Till this day, the PAP Rulers and MPs refuse to live in these Flats that they have designed and constructed but live in big houses. Can such a flat fit your family? Buy a pair of unfit shoes and you can send for recycling, who wants to recycle his unfit flat? See more below! 8-)


Written on 24 October 2019 (updated on 26 October 2019)

We told them that the new HDB Flats made the People live like “sandwiches” (see the section below), now they tell the media to  report on 23 October 2019 that HDB reports S$2 billion deficit in latest financial year as fewer flats sold.

They told us the reasons are “loss on the sale of flats, disbursement of CPF housing grants and expected loss for flats that are currently under development. HDB also disbursed S$532 million of CPF housing grants to eligible buyers of resale flats and executive condominiums, up from S$466 million the year before.”
Constructed too many flats that many refuse to buy? They asked for it! Does anyone who is NOT insane want to live like “sandwiches”? The answer is obvious!

Please decide if the huge deficit from the HDB sale etc. reflects that the Singapore Rulers are unfit in money management! We will let the World to comment and judge! They have given the People Grants and yet continually down-size them and created these Flats that they themselves refuse to live in!

Now the Rulers have not proved to us that the Flats are fit for habitation by physically shift in with their families and show us how to live comfortably! Please Do This Now!

Those “You know who” have created this irreversible damage for us, as we can’t just enlarge the Flats ourselves! Now they tell us that they are running a deficit so it would be unlikely for them to have new foundations and build up to enlarge our Flats!

Running a deficit and still busy constructing Flats that People dislike and refuse to buy! We will let the World decide if their KPI is negative!


Our Consultants know how to reduce the cost but build bigger HDB Flats and make them selling like “hot cakes”, turning HDB from deficit to profit, but we refuse to tell them as they have been oppressing us! Till this day, they still refuse to apologize & pay compensations to the innocent Witness and the elderly cancer survivor whom they have inflicted damage!

The World can decide if such people are still fit to run for the Next General Election!




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The above article is an Unpaid Publication of Clients. We have checked the relevant facts to be correct & non-defamatory! We have done this to gain the goodwill of our Singaporeans so that they will not end up on the Streets to protest or create disorders which will affect the Prosperity of our beloved Singapore!

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