Questions & Answers in relation to Phone Consultations during this COVID-19 period in Singapore

(This webpage was first launched on 8 May 2020)

Last updated: 17 April 2021 (See earlier updates below)


Updates by Client LS1965

All the related articles that belong to A have not been returned to A. On 3 April 2021, we were informed by the Security Guard that the related parties had tried to enter into A’s premises again but were being blocked by them at the Gate.

We now present to all the email from the Condominium Manager dated 2 June 2020:

“This is to inform you that we have contacted Mrs Ong Siew Khim on 2nd June 2020 to request for the return of the resident cards and vehicle label.

She was with Mr Ong Eng Chan at that time and the conversation was on speaker mode. They have informed us loudly that they have thrown away the items and no longer in possession.”

Really? But they still entered the Condominium compound after that! You decide if they were lying...

These are the items belong to A and yet they had chosen to throw away. Isn’t this reflecting bad faith on their part?

We let the World decide if any of you will find it legally acceptable to have someone you know install a CCTV in your house without your permission or  come in and go out of your house as and when they like without your consent or knowledge?

Earlier we were reluctant to reveal the names of the parties but now we need to do so in order to protect the property rights of A (against possible invasion again), as the Singapore Police Force has refused to take action:

C (the younger sister of A): Mrs Ong Siew Khim,

C’s husband: Mr Ong Eng Chan,

C’s daughter: Dr Catherine Wei Min Ong

Dear Daddy God, we are keeping this webpage perpetually alive as we do not know what the wicked will do to A next. Should all the good that she has done for them be repaid with evil? Please surround her with Your protective love, we want justice to be done for her. Many Thanks.

Dear Friends, Please pray for A. Many Thanks.

Important note: What we have presented here are facts and are not meant to be defamatory. Please contact the Webmaster during office hours if you need to post any clarification note and the consultants will attend to you. Thanks.


Updates on 17 October—29 December 2020 by Client LS1965

Till this day, C (a Mrs Ong) and C’s daughter (a Dr Ong) still refuses to return the house keys and related articles to A. We were informed that C has obtained the new house phone number of A and has started the harassment again even before 17 October 2020!

Check to find out who is this Dr Ong from NUH, Division of Infectious Diseases to avoid future troubles!

Find a Doctor at the National University Hospital | For Patients & Visitors

The Singapore Police refuses to interfere as they considered as “family issues” & want to save resources! Really? But the Police has resources & time to harass law-abiding citizens (see item 3); with the instruction of the PAP Rulers? The answer is obvious!


Updates on 10-12 August 2020 by Client LS1965

B received the DBS Bank Statement on 10 August 2020 and discovered all the money $22,949.94 from the joint account with C has been snatched away by C, who unilaterally closed off this account on 17 July 2020 without informing B. As they did not make contributions to B’s CPF account, this money had earlier been agreed to sustain B in her old age to buy whatever she needs to repay her for her many years of hard-work taking care of  C’s daughter (a Dr Ong) and Dr Ong’s first child. Do you think C (a Mrs Ong) and C’s daughter (a Dr Ong) have really run out of money as evinced from such desperate acts?

Till this day, C (a Mrs Ong) and C’s daughter (a Dr Ong) still refuses to return the house keys and related articles to A. The Publisher has continued to help them and to safeguard A’s property rights.

Please pray for A & the relative who help A to care for B. Many Thanks.

Do you think Sirach 12 best described such a situation? It’s a lesson to learn that such people do exist in Singapore! Really disgraceful!


Updates on 31 May-5 June 2020 by Client LS1965

One of us went with A to report to the Police as C & her husband continue to enter A’s Premises against A’s permission. A had informed C’s daughter to get her Parents to return A’s house keys, Condo Resident cards & the Condo Resident Car Label, but C’s daughter colluded with her Parents and refuses to return the related articles to A.

We were told that C & her husband have intention to invade into A’s house as they have now run out of money!

Do you know who are these w*ck*d people?

C’s husband (retired Singapore Polytechnic Lecturer, age 70): Mr Ong E*g Ch*n

C (retired Singapore Polytechnic Lecturer, age 70): Mrs Ong S*ew K*im

C’s Daughter (Presently a Consultant working with the Division of Infectious Diseases, Department of Medicine, NUH, age around 40, having 3 children): Dr C*th*r*ne W*i M*n Ong


Find a Doctor at the National University Hospital | For Patients & Visitors


It was reported in Dr Ong’s profile that “She was awarded the competitive NRF-MOH Healthcare Research Scholarship funded by the Singapore National Medical Research Council (NMRC) and pursued full-time research on TB host immunopathology, investigating neutrophils and the regulation of matrix metalloproteinases with Professor Jon Friedland at Imperial College London. This led to the conferment of her PhD in 2013.  During her UK research, she was awarded the Presidential Award prize at the American Society for Leukocyte Biology, the Keystone Symposia Global Health Travel Award by Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation as well as the International Investigator Award by the Infectious Diseases Society of America among 8 other awards.”

Scholarship funded by NMRC for her? Isn’t such money came from Tax Payers from Taxation? She is placed at a privileged position & yet after obtaining all the benefits from the Singaporeans & A helping to care for her FREE when she was a baby until she has grown to become a doctor and also took care of her 1st child at UK FREE when she studied for PhD at the Imperial College, she can collude with her Parents on Criminal Trespassing against her Auntie A and causing A many sleepless nights & deteriorating health! You decide if such a person still fit to be “human”!


Do you know what those culprits are doing now? Busy calling A’s phone to harass her as the CCTV camera has been removed! Singapore is such a small country, based on what we presented above, do you know who they are?


What is the reason that C, C’s husband & C’s daughter a “Dr Ong” decided to dump B just before the Singapore circuit breaker (started on 7 April 2020) & refuse to bring her to the Hospital for future appointments?

The Mystery revealed: A relative of B took her for the usual Hospital Appointment on 2 June 2020, the Doctor revealed to the Relative that B may have pancreatic cancer (besides other medical complications), she could not be sent for testing due to her ill health!

C had earlier refused/failed to update A on B’s serious medical conditions when C dumped B to A to take over caring for B, forcing A have someone to run about in the Hospital to check on B’s medication! Do they want to drive A to an early death with the forced “merry-go-round”? 8-(

Used & dumped in the Garden City Singapore! A Complete Disgrace for C (a Catholic) , C’s husband & C’s daughter “a Dr Ong” (a Catholic & Singapore Government Scholar)! Now still busy harassing A over the phone & wanting to invade into A’s property as A cares for B!

Luckily, A & the other relative have decided to nurse B carefully & hopefully her health could improve & let her be fit enough to do the necessary medical testing…


Please pray for A & B. Many Thanks.


Emmanuel & Maria International Consultants LLP has helped  to handle this case to protect the Property Rights of A. All the related details are not mentioned here as these are Trade secrets but legally acceptable tactics that they devised to help A & B to fight the wicked!


Updates on 8 May 2020:

Question 1:

A, B & C are sisters. A & B are close to 80 years of age, C is the youngest.

B is living at A’s house.

Although A had informed C earlier that she does not allow C to install CCTV camera in A’s house to conduct secret surveillance on B (in the name of caring for B), C stubbornly did so and the act of Trespass was only discovered when B became sick and C refused to bring B to the hospital to test for possible COVID-19, and another relative brought her to the Hospital A&E for treatment!

A then demanded C to remove the CCTV camera in her house immediately but C refused! A then removed the CCTV camera 1 week later. C’s husband demanded a payment of $300/- from A for the cost of the CCTV! C then threatened A that she would refuse to bring B to the Hospital for her subsequent treatments! (Note: A & B had taken care of C’s daughter since she was a baby until she has grown up and now a qualified medical doctor working at a Singapore Government Hospital! A & B had also helped to care for C’s grandson too!)

A has been suffering multiple sleepless nights thanks to her sister C & her husband & now it is affecting her health!

We later found out that C only needs to bring B for Hospital  treatments around 2-4 times a year! Don’t you think it is a disgrace? C & her husband are both retired lecturers from the Singapore Polytechnic (& their daughter a qualified medical doctor working at a Singapore Government Hospital)! It seems that the education that they have received is unable to teach them to behave as “human beings”! 


Our Answer:

C has committed the criminal act of Trespass pursuant to the Penal Code Chapter XVII, clause 441, she could be punished with imprisonment for a term which may extend to 3 months, or with fine which may extend to $1,500, or with both.

See the details here extracted from the Penal Code:

“Criminal trespass

441.  Whoever enters into or upon property in the possession of another with intent to commit an offence or to intimidate, insult or annoy any person in possession of such property, or having lawfully entered into or upon such property, unlawfully remains there with intent thereby to intimidate, insult or annoy any such person, or with intent to commit an offence, is said to commit “criminal trespass”.

Punishment for criminal trespass

447.  Whoever commits criminal trespass shall be punished with imprisonment for a term which may extend to 3 months, or with fine which may extend to $1,500, or with both.”


Our advice is you should first inform C’s daughter of C & her husband’s criminal acts & try to arrange for others to bring B to the Hospital for future treatments. You may message to C and forward the same to C’s daughter as follows:

“This is the message from A to C: I told you not to install CCTV camera in my house but you have persistently do so. You have committed a criminal offence of Trespass against me. Actually I can report to the Police, but I am being merciful… Now I forbid you to enter my house! Please leave B’s Hospital Appointment Cards in my letter box, we have no time to play games with you!” 


Question 1a (updates on 17 May 2020):

Further to what I mentioned earlier, I was now informed that C & her husband had pressurised A to sign some kind of agreement on 9 May 2020, stating many false statements against A & made her signed! On 17 May 2020, C placed that agreement at the entrance of A’s house! From what I see, C wants to cause A distress! What should we do?

C’s husband & C are a pair of “Mr & Mrs Ong”. Both of them are 70 years of age.


Our Answer:

Under Part 2 Section 3 of the Protection of Harassment Act, a person with the intention to cause and did cause another person harassment, alarm or distress, will be guilty of an offence; these include words or behaviour or any kind of communication.

The offender could be liable on conviction to a fine not exceeding $5,000 or to imprisonment for a term not exceeding 6 months or to both.


Our advice is if C continues with such unwelcoming actions against A (even they don’t amount to harassment in law), but has been capitalising on her old age & delicate health, it is better for you to accompany A to lodge a police report on this matter to expose her criminal actions of Trespass against A earlier.

The sms message that you sent on behalf of A on 4 April 2020 is already good for you to make up the criminal Offence of Trespass: “This is a message from A to C: Earlier I’ve informed you not to install CCTV in my house, but I saw you have installed it …Please remove it now! (only part of the message displayed to protect the privacy of A). But C refused to remove the CCTV after that!

Isn’t it obvious that any reasonable man should not install CCTV in another person’s premises without permission, even he/she does not know the Law. But C & her husband are educated & are retired Singapore Polytechnic Lecturers, there is no excuse for them not to know this basic!


We sincerely hope that C’s husband & C (a pair of “Mr & Mrs Ong”) see this message & stop all their unethical & base actions of causing distress to A. Now everyone who sees this knows that they are both retired Lecturers from the Singapore Polytechnic with their daughter a medical doctor working at a Singapore Government Hospital! Anyone curious will just do a quick check and their identities will be exposed immediately. That will be real tragedy!


Updates on 24 May 2020

Question 1b

I still have not brought A to make a report to the Police concerning the criminal offence of Trespass as she is still not so well physically, as to lodge a report with the Police normally takes a few hours.

A couldn’t remember when she had given C her house keys in the past, but on 8 May 2020, she had messaged to C that she forbade C to enter her house.

These few days, B found some food left in their refrigerator (as what C had done in the past) when she went out to buy food. A checked that the food was unfit for the Patients & threw it away! What should we do next to stop C from coming into A’s house?

Our answer:

You may message this to C and forward the same message to her daughter:

“This is the message from A to C: On 8 May 2020, I have messaged to you to forbid you to enter my house, but you still entered these few days & committed the criminal offence of Trespass against me, in addition to installing CCTV in my house against my permission. We have thrown away the food you left in my refrigerator as they are unfit for Patients. This is the final warning to you: If you dare to enter again, I will need to report to the Police to protect my rights against your invasion! I have been merciful towards you; you think I can be joking this round?”



Important Note: We have checked the facts of the case and these people involved are real. We have also checked that whatever revealed here can not constitute to any possible defamation as the names of the related culprits are not revealed.





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