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Free Lectures Part 3

This work is contributed by our Mr Emmanuel Goh, Er. Maria Goh & the Consultants in the Company.


15.     Latest Updates: Follow us on Twitter @Emmanuel_Goh (you may need to login to Twitter to view).


Updates on 12 January 2018

19.    #Singapore: Massage Establishments Act 2017

See Part 3, Clause 13: Restriction on employment of certain individuals (To prevent Massage Services turn into illegal or sexual services etc.). See extracts here.


20.    #UAE Employment Cycle: Hiring and Seconding employees in the UAE. See extracts here.

Seems complicated! #Business in #Singapore is easy!


21.    #Ukraine extends import ban on Russia goods. See extracts here.

We welcome our Brothers & Sisters from Ukraine to #Singapore for #Business!


22.    #UK: HSE releases annual injury and ill-health statistics. See extracts here.

#Singapore cares for Work Health & Safety too!


Updates on 9 January 2018

16.   #EU blacklist of tax havens and plans for taxing the digital economy. See extracts here. #Singapore is not blacklisted. Welcome to Singapore.


17.    #Singapore: Public Consultation on the Draft Healthcare Services (HCS) Bill.

Section H) Options For Patients Who Do Not Wish To Participate National Electronic Health Record (NEHR). Please note here.

Please provide feedback by 15 February 2018.


18.     #Singapore: Jurong Town Corporation (JTC) (Common Property) Rules 2018. 

See Section 14: Powers to detain and remove, etc., in relation to vehicles here.

Never park at the wrong place within JTC’s Compound!





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