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First published on 19 September 2020, 4:48 SGT.

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Lawyer Lim Tean to represent TOC chief editor Terry Xu in defamation suit filed by PM Lee (15 October 2020)

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Please retweet, comment and pray for Terry Xu so that he will win in this court battle and won’t need to pay the Plaintiff a cent! Terry needs to be well so all can comment on the TOC news! 8-D

Dear Judges, will you yield to subject yourself to unjust pressure instead of upholding Justice & Truth? Dear Judges, you are the Princes among the People, see Item 3, the PAP Government allowed their Police Officers wilfully harassed law-abiding Citizens (& Business owner) starting from April, May 2019 but till this day, they refused to apologise & pay compensation for damages inflicted. See the items 1-13 in our GE2020 webpage, Pages 1-15 & how the countless innocent Bloggers are still MISSING! People may say this is “Trial via Internet”, but all we care about is JUSTICE must be done! Thanks.

The World is watching & we are determined to make the Oppressor & ALL team up with him “famous” 24/7!

Latest update is here.


BIG News! The Prime Minister of Singapore is suing a Blogger for Defamation! (See earlier extracts & People’s comments here.)

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Who is teaming up against the Blogger in Court so far?

Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, Lawyer Davinder Singh, Witness Dr Phan Tuan Quang .

Latest update is here.

Leong Sze Hian defamation trial: High Court directs parties to evaluate whether Leong’s republication is actionable (9 October 2020)

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Leong Sze Hian defamation trial: Leong submits no case to answer against PM Lee Hsien Loong’s defamation claims (7 October 2020)

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Dear smart Singaporeans, read this report presented by The Online Citizen about what happened in the Court today! The entire matter is really a joke! People who cannot perform in their work to make Singapore prosper will do all kinds of things to look busy! Yes! This round is causing disgrace to Singapore & the Singaporeans!

The Defence Lawyer was right by saying that “alleged abuse of process and attempting to thwart freedom of expression and speech by sending “a message to the population that the Government will not tolerate criticism”.”

Tonight, the TV News reported that the jobs created by SG-United are more than 100K, but most of them are mismatch! You need to retrain to do the work! This shows only one thing, whatever they taught in the Polytechnics & Universities is unable to equip you for the jobs! After training, can you be sure that the jobs are still there waiting for you? Let’s use our fine judgements and don’t get conned into wasting time and money!

We welcome ALL to Singapore to see how wickedness will make one stup*d! This drama won’t be the last; those who are foolish will be busy misusing their brains to create more “?????” for ALL to see! Have a good day. 8-D


MediShield Life to increase premiums by up to 35%, Singaporeans think it’s “daylight robbery” (30 September 2020)

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MOH invites S’poreans to share suggestions on the increase of MediShield Life premiums (30 September 2020)

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Is the Medishield Life really a shield against medical costs? Or is it really a battering ram to already tight pockets? (1 October 2020)

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Speaker of Parliament claims presence of “false narratives” being spun regarding selection of adjournment motions (30 September 2020)

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Dear smart Singaporeans, please help to monitor this. You know the Big Bullies are Expert Liars & 1st-Class Professional $$$$$Grabbers. A few days later, they will just close the case, sleep on it & conveniently expect us to forget about it! 


President Halimah Yacob says it is important for her to be periodically briefed by GIC and Temasek on their investment outlook as “both GIC and Temasek invest our reserves” (25 September 2020)

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Dear smart Singaporeans, please help to conduct checks & balances on our Singapore Reserves. Thanks.


Updates on 29–30ctober 2020

From LS1965 & P65:

Do I really need to pay CareShield Life Premiums in October 2020? See here.

See our latest Claims Statement to the Big Bullies. Please add in your comments. Thanks. 8-D

Dear Big Bullies, still refuse to release the MISSING Bloggers? Well, we are also determined to make you “famous” round the clock!

The People please comment on the News reports, we will hyperlink them perpetually on our web:

Can Union leader Mr Koh Poh Koon and Minister for Manpower Mrs Josephine Teo really help workers? (29 October 2020)

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Netizens support Parti Liyani’s claim for S$71,000 in compensation, says she should ask for more (29 October 2020)

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SJP Asia: Over half of Hong Kongers, Singaporeans believe investing sustainably would compromise returns (29 October 2020)

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Updates on 28-29 October 2020

From LS1965 & P65:

Do I really need to pay CareShield Life Premiums in October 2020? See here.

See our latest Claims Statement to the Big Bullies. Please add in your comments. Thanks. 8-D

Dear Big Bullies, still refuse to release the MISSING Bloggers? Well, we are also determined to make you “famous” round the clock!

You see, the PAP Rulers told the World that All the Foreign Workers tested by 7 August & All Dormitories cleared on 19 August, but there are still Workers infected with COVID-19 everyday.

The People please comment on the News reports, we will hyperlink them perpetually on our web:

Netizens chastise Singapore Government for being ‘complacent’, warns of possible second wave of COVID-19 with international travellers serving Stay Home Notices (SHN) at home (28 October 2020)

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Dear Friends around the World, please read this News report to see how the World most expensive rulers contain COVID-19 in Singapore. Follow their example if you are keen to have the huge COVID-19 outbreak in your Country! Welcome to Singapore to see live “drama”!


Daniel de Costa and @tocsg editor Terry Xu are being unduly prosecuted for exercising their peaceful right to freedom of expression - @amnesty reiterates our calls to @govsingapore to drop all charges against them, as we did back in 2018: https://amnesty.org/en/latest/news/2018/11/singapore-government-must-end-harassment-of-online-news-platform-targeted-over-critical-article/

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Lawyer Lim Tean files application in High Court to disqualify Attorney-General from representing CAD, SPF and officers in matters pertaining to ongoing investigations against him (28 October 2020)

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High Commissioner wants SG to invest in “preferred” state of Tamil Nadu (India) when Kia pulls out.

Kia Motors moves to Andhra Pradesh as Tamil Nadu politicians allegedly demanded huge bribe from company (28 October 2020)

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Is this a “brilliant” proposal to make Singapore prosper? The World please help to decide as we can’t decide to avoid possible defamation suit! 8-D

Hawkers need to be aware of individuals using old screenshots for proof of payment (28 October 2020)

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SDP’s Bryan Lim shares letter from 16 y/o student who believes minimum wage policy help improve low-wage workers’ lives, not cause unemployment (28 October 2020)

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Face and iris scanning replace fingerprint scanning at all immigration checkpoints in Singapore (28 October 2020)

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Workers’ Party run Sengkang Town Council takes over management of Sengkang Town, effective from 28 Oct

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Raffles Hall Association replaces Profs Cherian George and Donald Low as speakers at public discourse forum with no warning just three days before event (28 October 2020)

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