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SINGAPORE General Election


Summary List of confirmed COVID-19 cases (comments of the People included)

Summary details of death cases. May they rest in peace. (First compiled on 2 May 2020)


Note: These claims statements were originated from us but have been modified by our Legal Claims Consultants to ensure that they are not defamatory, you may use as samples. 8-D

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President Halimah Yacob approves Third Supplementary Supply and Budget Adjustments Bill to reallocate resources amid COVID-19 crisis (2 November 2020)

Twitter replies https://twitter.com/tocsg/status/1323153209653972992

Dear smart Singaporeans, please monitor this as till this day, the PAP Government still refuse to upload a proper Statement of Accounts onto the web to let us audit!


First published on 25 April 2020 (updated on 9 July 2021)

Dear PAP Rulers, you have taken out at least $110.9 billion (click & see updates) from our Reserves & other Funds in the name of helping the Singaporeans & combating the COVID-19 that has entered Singapore earlier! Please give us an exact & detail Account on how the money has been spent by uploading it to the world wide web for all the see! Details of the $$$$$$$$$$$ flow & the Beneficiary Companies & Organizations should be shown clearly! In Singapore there are about 3.47 million Singaporeans, you gave each $600.00 (Total about $2.082 billion) for this COVID-19 Time. Where does the rest 98.12% $$$$$$ go to? You know this is Public Fund, the smart Singaporeans have every right to audit! 

Singapore has exit the circuit breaker on 1 June 2020 (started on 7 April 2020), but till this date, the PAP Rulers have refused to give us a detail account on how the Reserve is used! 98.12% of $110.9 billion still not accounted for! Who wants to swallow up the $$,$$$,$$$,$$$? 8-(

You see the PAP Government arranged to have this video published on Singapore TV round the clock: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dosJkShPpvQ

But countless Singaporeans complained to us that the bulk of the $$$$$$$$$ goes to non-Singaporeans & left the Singaporeans with too little or insufficient aid in this COVID-19 time! Can you still trust the PAP Rulers?


Updates on 31 August 2020

Dear PAP Rulers, we have requested you to present to us a Proper Account on how you have used our Reserves on 25 April 2020 (total should be around $110.9 billion), but till this day, you have failed/ refused to present the same for the smart Singaporeans to audit.

On 17 August 2020, DPM Heng announced $8 billion more in Covid-19 measures, extends Jobs Support Scheme.  He emphasized that this $8 billion was NOT taken from the Reserves.

Dear smart Singaporeans, in our humble opinion, the PAP Rulers might have used up ALL the $$$,$$$,$$$,$$$ taken out from the Reserves, thus they said that the $8 billion is NOT from the Reserves. Don’t you agree that for the Professional Money-Grabbers, it will be “abnormal” for them not to dig out more Money if they have a chance to do so? The entire incident looks fishy to us! Please reply to @Michael65413248 if you know where the Money goes to! Over 98% are NOT in the Singaporeans’ pockets & so they must be in the Big Bullies’ pockets or with the NON-Singaporeans!

Dear Big Bullies, don’t expect us to sleep on it! We will NOT let the matter rest until you can give us a proper account & tell us exactly why the bulk of the money is not with the Singaporeans!


Updates on 27 May 2020:

Fortitude Budget (SGD 33 billion) announced by Finance Minister Mr Heng Swee Keat on 26 May 2020.

See the comments of the People below the News Report.

Now total draw-out from the Singapore Reserves in the name of helping the Singaporeans in this COVID-19 Crisis = $77.9 billion + $33 billion = $110.9 billion!

But only $2.082 billion are accounted for!

The Singapore new COVID-19 daily cases have been always 3 digits high daily! Compare here with China has tested 6.9 million People in 9 days as reported by CNN

Singapore is the ONLY Country in the World where tons of $$$,$$$,$$$,$$$ spent by the Government & yet we see only negative results! The World please help us to decide who are the Fools grabbing our $$$$$$$$$$! We want to export them now!

“The wise will inherit honor, but stubborn fools, disgrace.” (Proverbs 3:35)

“Condemnation is ready for scoffers, and flogging for the backs of fools.” (Proverbs 19:29)


Updates on 7 June 2020

6 June 2020: “34th death: Case 11714. Singapore confirms 344 new COVID-19 cases, total at 37,527”. The People please comment!

From boy:

Singapore says 'No' to wearable devices for Covid-19 contact tracing

From Michael:

what $23,225 ?? i certainly did not receive that amount !! And she's asking us to payback somemore.... i don't have $23,225 in the first place !! Worse than Ah Long , daylight robbery.....


Pulling her numbers from nowhere, PAP MP Tin Pei Ling in Parliament today claimed that each Singaporean and permanent resident has received S$23,225 from the government during the coronavirus outbreak.

The PAP MP even praised the PAP government as "among the top countries" in terms of financial assistance:

"Singapore is among the top countries in terms of relief given per citizen or permanent resident at S$23,225 per capita. While a coarse estimation, the figures give a good sense of the Government’s determination in supporting Singaporeans and the country through this crisis."

Each Singaporean adult had only received S$600 back in April.

The PAP government has instead spent nearly S$100 billion in this coronavirus outbreak, with businesses being key beneficiaries.

MP Tin Pei Ling then said Singaporeans should "put back" the money "they took" from the reserves, suggesting that taxes be rapidly raised after the outbreak:

"We have a duty to use this pot of gold wisely and make sure that we put back what we took once we can. So that our children and their children will continue to have this asset to fall back on when they face the crisis of their generation."

She too lack of sleep?


Updates on 19 May 2020:

Look here: The Government Jobs Support Scheme (JSS) pay-out $4B from 28 May (2nd round)!

Payouts eligible to local employees! For Permanent Residents & other Non-Singaporeans too?

Many Qualified Singaporeans have complained to us that they are jobless due to unfair recruitment / employment practices which the Big Bullies till this day have failed to solve, see the situation is made worse with the Government Tender Practices (see item 10)!

Dear PAP Government, are you using our Bulk Reserve to pay-out to Non-Singaporeans but leave VERY LITTLE for the Singaporeans whom the Big Bullies made jobless! Our Reserve should be used on Singaporeans first, when we have extras, it can then benefit others. Please list out the Beneficiary Companies & how much you have paid them. We know MANY Companies in SG have NON-Singaporean employees Far Exceed the number of Singaporeans! So now the bulk of the $$$$$$$$$$ goes to NON-Singaporeans while the Singaporeans are left starving?  The smart Singaporeans have every right to audit the Government on matters concerning our Reserves!


Updates on 9 May 2020:

On 25 April 2020, we demanded the PAP Rulers to give us an account on how they spent the Reserves $77.9 billion, but till this date, they have failed/refused to give us a proper account on how the $$$$$ is being dispensed to the various Beneficiaries (Name of Company/Organisation Beneficiaries unknown!)

Many Singaporeans have complained to us that they have sought help from them but have received NOTHING! Do all the funds end up within theirs’ & their Buddies’ pockets?

In contrast, see how fast they deduct the MediShield Life premiums from us against our wishes starting from 9 August 2015 (SG50) (see item 1).


Updates on 2 May 2020:

Dear Big Bullies, till this day you still refuse to render an account on how you use our Reserves to help our needy Singaporeans who are crying out for help! Don’t tell us the bulk of the $$$$$$ have been given to non-Singaporeans & Foreign Workers! Yes, we want to help others and the Foreign Workers too but the bulk of the $$$$$$$$ to help them should not deprive what our People need and it should come from those who have made them sick in the first place! You should know who they are! It’s your negligence that failed to ensure that the Dormitories are in liveable conditions and made the workers fell sick! Seek contributions from the Causations NOW! Use the same method as MediShield Life (item 1) & CareShield Life (item 11) which you designed! Refuse to contribute & pay? Use “Demand Note, Fine, Suit & Jail (and Threat to sell the House)” as what you want to impose onto the People in MediShield Life and CareShield Life? Pass a law now to do the same to them & you will be relieved of the burden of this bulk funding! If you dare to cover up for them because they are your buddies & use the bulk of our Reserves to pay others instead of Singaporeans, you should know what we will do next!  Now tell us where the Reserves $$$$$ go to?


Summary List of confirmed COVID-19 cases (comments of the People included)


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