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11. Mandatory CareShield Life

See the CareShield Life and Long-Term Care Act 2019 is here!

It was enacted by the President Halimah Yacob with the advice and consent of the 13th Parliament of Singapore (see the names of the PAP Rulers & MPs who made this law at top right corner)! The famous “Demand Note, Fine, Suit & Jail” against the People (see below)! Remember them forever & you decide what to do to them next!


Thanks to the “brain-d**d” M*nst*rs who have been busy boosting Jobless Rate that you can’t afford to pay the ext*rtion$$$$ of CareShield Life Premiums?

Don’t worry! Be Very Happy to shame the M*nst*rs!

Here’s the Quick-Fix:

Call you / SMS you? Block them!

Knock your Door? Don’t open!

Send you letters? Ignore them!

Send you registered post? Don’t acknowledge!

Send you “Demand note”? Quickly upload to social media such as Twitter, Facebook etc. for the World to see! Call +65 9338 4746 to book a Free Consultation Session, the friendly Angel Consultants will help you.

We have our Network to help you to circulate around the World to make the M*nst*rs famous immediately!

Welcome to Singapore to see! 8-D


Last updated on 22 December 2019

Take note of this! The CPF deduction is going to start in 2020!

This article is important because till this day no one dares to publish what listed below in hardcopy or online for fear of the “Monsters”! So you know what kind of risk the Publisher is facing in helping us to publish!

See new CareShield Life created to start deducting $$$ from your CPF Account. No $$$ in your CPF? Please pay from your pocket, unless you want Demand Note, Fine, Suit & Jail to be imposed on you! They will do this to you even you are jobless! See below & verify it yourself!


CareShield Life bill was passed in Parliament on 2 September 2019! See the Bill passed!

CareShield Life will be implemented in 2020 and it has been made mandatory for those who born in 1980 and later (≥ 30 years of age on 1 January 2020) to pay, you cannot opt out even you are only able to work part-time or jobless!

Who are the PAP Rulers & MPs who had supported the Bill & had it passed in Parliament? To avoid being named “rebels” and get kicked out of PAP Party with their fat salaries discontinued, All the PAP Rulers & MPs in the 13th Parliament here: see their names at the top right corner!

See who have been actively promoting CareShield Life:

Chee Hong Tat https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r-6kTbW9Mac

Amy Khor https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JGMk_BlynJU

Gan Kim Yong https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D8cwM2XE6-Q


The World can decide if any Government has the right to extort from the People if they are running low on funds? Want to vote for them in the coming General Election?


Important Provisions of CareShield Life:

See Part 7: Recovery of Outstanding Premiums & Excess Payments


Section 22: Recovery of benefit paid in excess and short payment of premium

Section 22(3): The Board may charge an insured person, a person by whom the premium is payable or an approved payee (as the case may be) an administrative fee of such amount as may be prescribed and (if applicable) interest on the excess payment at such rate as may be prescribed, if any material change, error or prescribed circumstances referred to in subsection (1) or (2) arise from incorrect information which is ….


Section 23: Demand note for outstanding premiums under CSHL Scheme

Section 23(2): A recovery body must serve a demand note on a defaulter liable to pay any outstanding premium …


Section 27: Suit for outstanding premiums, excess payments and sums due to Fund

Section 27(1):  All outstanding premiums imposed under this Act, all excess payments under the CSHL Scheme and ESH Scheme, and all sums due to the Fund, may be sued for and recovered by a recovery body in its own name by way of specially endorsed writ of summons.


Section 28: Recovery from defaulter leaving Singapore

Section 28(6):  A defaulter who, knowing that a direction has been issued under this section to prevent the defaulter’s departure from Singapore, voluntarily leaves or attempts to leave Singapore without paying the outstanding premium or furnishing security to the recovery body’s satisfaction for that payment —

(a) shall be guilty of an offence and shall be liable on conviction to a fine not exceeding $5,000 or to imprisonment for a term not exceeding 12 months or to both; and

(b) may be arrested, without warrant, by any police officer or immigration officer.

Section 28(7):  No civil or criminal proceedings are to be instituted or maintained against the Commissioner of Police, the Controller of Immigration or any other police officer or immigration officer, in respect of anything done in good faith and with reasonable care under the authority of this section.


Section 29: Penalty for late payment of premium under CSHL Scheme

Section 29(1):  Subject to subsection (3), if the whole or any part of the premium for an insurance period under the CSHL Scheme, or any interest imposed under section 23(1)(a), remains unpaid at the expiry of such period as the Board may permit (being not less than one month) after the beginning of that insurance period, a penalty may be added to the premium and interest at the rates and times prescribed in the regulations.

Section 29(2):  Subject to subsection (3), the regulations may provide for penalties to be imposed at different rates for premiums and interest imposed under section 23(1)(a) which remain unpaid for different periods.


Welcome to Singapore to see how the Singapore Rulers & their MPs still can have a sizable income even the tax income is low with only 48% of us in Singapore working full-time! Just use CareShield Life and MediShield Life (see item 1)?

We will let the World decide if our CPF moneys to prepare for our retirement have become FREE “gold mines” for those “You know who”!


Likewise, every good tree bears good fruit, but a bad tree bears bad fruit. A good tree cannot bear bad fruit, and a bad tree cannot bear good fruit. Every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire. Thus, by their fruit you will recognize them. (Matthew 7:17-20)


Dear Daddy God,

We promise to do good and walk in Your ways. Please help us to cut down the bad trees and throw them into the fire quickly, we refuse to eat rotten fruits. Singapore only has space for the Goodwill and visible/ invisible angels. Many Thanks.


We will explain further when we have time later. Please come back again…



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