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Wow, at least $110.9 billion here (see below), but how can we ensure that $$$$$$ will not be stolen? You know $$$$$$ has been flowing out against our wishes from our CPF Medisave Accounts via what the Big Bullies invented MediShield Life (item 1) and CareShield Life (item 11) & they made many Jobless (item 10). We are worried! $$$$ will be gone if we leave them with Thieves! If the $$$$$$ is gone, we will be finished! How to snatch them back so that we can house the $$$$$$$ with a reliable & trustworthy Banker? World Bank? Or others? The Singaporeans please comment!

Dear Daddy God, please help us quickly! Many Thanks!

Singapore President Halimah assents to draw on $21 billion from past reserves for historic Resilience and Solidarity Budgets (reported on 9 April 2020). Do you see her wearing surgical mask even in her office? Remember they encouraged us not to wear facemasks “unless you are sick” before 3 April 2020. You shouldn’t be surprised when you can find many boxes of surgical masks stacking in their homes for their private use! These are the People who deprived the Health workers of surgical masks needed  for their work!


Announced by FM & DPM Heng Swee Keat:

Fortitude Budget (SGD 33 billion) announced by Finance Minister Mr Heng Swee Keat on 26 May 2020.

See the comments of the People below the News Report.

Additional $3.8 billion to support Businesses & workers (dated 21 April 2020);

COVID-19: $5.1 billion Solidarity Budget unveiled to help Singapore economy through circuit breaker period (dated 6 April 2020).

See the comments by the People below the News Report.

Singapore will allocate additional $48 billion to combat COVID-19 (dated 26 March 2020)

See the comments by the People below the News Report.

The Singaporeans are happy? Are you sure these are not empty promises except to benefit themselves & their Buddies? Tactics to lure you to vote for them only?

We know of qualified people who sought help from them more 10 years ago still not being helped & they finally managed to find jobs on their own! And there are many more who submitted for Skills Future Credit Claims of $500.00 each 2-3 years back, still have not get a single cent!

Let the Smart & Law-abiding Singaporeans decide if these People really want to help you:

– Giving your jobs to others (item 10),

- Want to impose on you “Demand Note, Fine, Suit & Jail + Threat to sell your house” when you default on MediShield Life Premiums (item 1)

- Want to impose on you “Demand Note, Fine, Suit & Jail” when you default on CareShield Life Premiums (item 11)

- Want to “forced entry, arrest without a warrant, to detain, search & criminalize etc.” (item 2)

- Harassed & caused damage to Good & Law-abiding Business Owner & citizens (item 3).

Dear Friends, You can’t expect those who are already br*inde*d to give you any good jobs! Let’s brace up & be courageous! Time of crisis is Time of opportunities! It’s time that you start-up a Business & sell via e-commerce. We will help you in the marketing too! Here’s the FREE Consultations to help you to prosper!



Unl*wf*lly deducting tons$$$$ from your CPF using MediSheld Life (item 1)  & CareShield Life (item 11) & making Countless  JOBLESS (item 10) not enough! Now PAP handsome Desmond Lee (but we are more handsome than him! 8-D) wants to disburse the one-off Temporary Relief Fund of “peanuts” $500/- to each in need! Please register your NRIC to collect! They want to create a “beggars list” out from the smart Singaporeans? Take note, many Singaporeans tell us they love to make many who sought help “merry-go-round” first then finally receive NO HELP!

Dear Big Bullies, we don’t need your “peanuts”, please refund all being unl*wf*lly deducted from our CPF Medisave first!


See what we found out: Over 7500 Hotel rooms booked by the SG Government for Stay-Home Notice persons...


PAP Rulers & Team, please get the funds back or you please pay from your own pockets back into the Reserves! (updated on 27 April 2020, 14:53 SGT)


Can our Friends please help us to compute $$$$$$$$$$ wasted?

We suggested on 16 March 2020 to house those coming back to Singapore to serve their Stay-Home Notice (SHN) in the Hotels/Motels, funding from their own pockets. We were now informed that the PAP Government funds them staying in the Hotels (each of them 14 days to serve their SHNs), paying from our Reserves, see what they published: 24 March, 4 April & 8 April 2020.

Tons of $$$$$$$$$ spent should have been put to better use to feed our People in this COVID-19 time when many are seeking work! Can someone please help us to compute (or give us an estimate) the $$$$$$$$$$ spent by the PAP Government?

Please upload your input onto Social Media, there are over 2 million of us, we will pick it up! The smart Singaporeans will make the Professional $$$$$$$$Grabbers famous around the World!

So much $$$$$$$$$$ wasted and the majority receives NO Benefit! We will NEVER let this slide!

See, the Big Bullies can only do work to waste our $$$$$$$$$$ with negative results! Please love them and vote for them in this coming General Election if you want to end up as Beggars!




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