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Prepare for Singapore General Election


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Status of COVID-19 in Singapore new!

Other Updates

1. MediShield Life Premiums

2. Other Laws Passed in Parliament that will have a great impact

3. Criminalising the Scapegoats

4. Became obstacles to us when we were looking for Jobs Opportunities for Job Seekers

5. Are you still finding a suitable job?

6. Are you planning to buy a HDB Flat soon?

7. Merdeka Generation Package

8. Busy hacking our Webpages that they have no time to protect you from data leak?

9. Welcome to Singapore the Gambling Hub?

10. Singapore Government Tenders

11. Mandatory CareShield Life

12. Have you heard of the PAP Government Whips?

13. Reported 1000 Homeless in the Smart Nation Singapore  (November 2019)! Will the number be rising?


List incomplete… More will be added when we find others important to you.


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