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Launched on 18 February 2020 (updated on 19 February 2020)

These webpages are created for ALL the Goodwill to check on the status of the COVID-19 which has entered Singapore earlier. We have summarised the confirmed cases for your easy reference. With these, we are showcasing to the World how well the Singapore PAP Government has done their part to contain the virus.

When Some People can tell us including the World how MediShield Life (Item 1), CareShield Life (item 11) , Casinos & Online Gambling (item 9) etc... are good for us & busy promoting them, then you know why we need to work 24/7 to repair the damage to ensure that Singapore & our Allies will prosper!


You know  Some People have been using this COVID–19, busy appearing on TV & the Internet to market themselves to prepare for the coming General Election, please verify their deeds against their words. Thanks.


Start the journey of investigating & conduct Checks & Balances on what our excellent PAP Rulers & MPs have done now!


Summary List of confirmed COVID-19 cases


Our Comments:

COVID-19 confirmed cases 6 & 7 not reported!

Dear Big Bullies, you see there are so many unknowns in the List of confirmed COVID-19 cases that we highlighted in red! Till this day, you are still unable to identify where the virus came from! Yet you still dare to give us so many “goodies” items 1-13 & get your Police Officers to harass good citizens (see item 3)! You mean your Police Officers can only help you to cause damage to good citizens but are unable to help you to trace the virus sources? Shame on you!

Don’t tell us about the “clusters”! Till this day, you have failed to tell us why the COVID-19 must obey your “clusters” faithfully before they plan to infect the People! Do the COVID-19 need to obey your Rules, you Great & Mighty? What a joke! 8-D

Dear “You know who”, please investigate who are the infected Persons or Animals started to spread the COVID-19 from your Clusters: “The Life Church and Missions Singapore”, “8 Seletar Aerospace Heights”, “Grace Assembly of God”, “DBS Asia Central”! Don’t sleep on them!

We will let the World decide if we should be the Ministers’ Mentors after this COVID-19 saga! 8-D


See here:

Extension of precautionary measures to minimise risk of community spread in Singapore (dated 31 January 2020)

Update on Additional Measures by the Ministry of Manpower to Minimise the Risk of Community Spread of the COVID-19 (dated 31 January 2020)

See, the PAP Government has done the following:

“From 1 February 2020, 2359h, to disallow all new visitors with recent travel history to mainland China within the last 14 days from entering into Singapore, or to transit through Singapore &

Enforce (much earlier) the 14-day Quarantine Orders for those returning from China.”

It is strange that the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases has been steadily increasing even after 18 February 2020, though very slow (Thank God!). Can Someone please advise how they are enforcing the Quarantine Orders? Is the quarantined person staying at home with other family members who have not recently travelled to China? If yes, then these family members are possible spreader of the COVID-19 to others in Singapore!

Dear “You know who”, you need us to give you step-by-step tuition on how to enforce proper Quarantine Orders?

First, open up your many vacant HDB Flats to house our Friends who need to be quarantined, do you want the COVID-19 to spread to all?


You see this report paragraph 3 : “Cases 8 and 9, as well as Cases 31, 33 and 38, are linked to The Life Church and Missions Singapore (146B Paya Lebar Road).”

See who are Cases 8 & 9 here: They are Chinese nationals from Wuhan! Do you mean of all tourists attractions in Singapore, they came all the way from China to visit the Church?


Who is the PAP Minister supervising the construction of these webpages? Missing information & typographical errors! Please be accurate & exact!

Are you reporting Jokes or providing accurate information? Please be reminded that the World is watching! Don’t make a fool of yourself!



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Important note:

The above article is an Unpaid Publication of Clients. We have checked the relevant facts to be correct & non-defamatory! We have done this to gain the goodwill of our Singaporeans so that they will not end up on the Streets to protest or create disorders which will affect the Prosperity of our beloved Singapore!

Dear PAP Government, we would be happy to help you to publish any clarification you may have upon your payment of fees to us; the amount to be paid will be conveyed to you by our Consultants. Thank you.