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Dear Friends, this webpage & the related was found hacked and turned BLANK on 1 May 2020, 5:50 SGT. This is the 5th hacked incident (see the earlier related incidents)! You should know who are the masterminds behind this!


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The COVID-19 Vaccine is now available, should I get vaccinated?

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SINGAPORE General Election  (10 July 2020)


First published on 25 April 2020 (updated on 22 June 2020):

Dear PAP Rulers, you have taken out at least $77.9 + $33 = $110.9 billion (click & see updates) from our Reserves in the name of helping the Singaporeans & combating the COVID-19 that has entered Singapore earlier! Please give us an exact & detail Account on how the money has been spent by uploading it to the world wide web for all the see! Details of the $$$$$$$$$$$ flow & the Beneficiary Companies & Organizations should be shown clearly! In Singapore there are about 3.47 million Singaporeans, you gave each $600.00 (Total about $2.082 billion) for this COVID-19 Time. Where does the rest 98.12% $$$$$$ go to? You know this is Public Fund, the smart Singaporeans have every right to audit! 

Singapore has exit the circuit breaker on 1 June 2020 (started on 7 April 2020), but till this date, the PAP Rulers have refused to give us a detail account on how the Reserve is used! 98.12% of $110.9 billion still not accounted for! Who wants to swallow up the $$,$$$,$$$,$$$? 8-(


See our Claims Statements. Updates! 8-D

You see the PAP Government arranged to have this video published on Singapore TV round the clock: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dosJkShPpvQ

But countless Singaporeans complained to us that the bulk of the $$$$$$$$$ goes to non-Singaporeans & left the Singaporeans with too little or insufficient aid in this COVID-19 time! Can you still trust the PAP Rulers?


Summary List of confirmed COVID-19 cases (comments of the People included) Daily new updates!

Summary details of death cases. May they rest in peace. (Damaging effects of COVID-19 included! Daily updates! First compiled on 2 May 2020)


Singapore Government Official COVID-19 Webpage


COVID-19 Worldwide update


Important! Video shows how a single cough can spread invisible droplets throughout a plane cabin… (reported on 30 April 2020).


Updates on 8 May 2020

Watch Bloomberg TV? Do you see Mr Chan Chun Sing appearing 24/7 at least the past 45 days to use COVID-19 in Singapore to advertise himself! See his track record in advancing Singapore’s Prosperity in our General Election Webpage.

Listen to this audio & you see who has been calling the People “idiots” in his heart, finally he said it loud to Business Leaders in a close-door meeting before 16 February 2020! Yet he wants the “idiots” to support & vote for him in the coming General Election so that he can be the next Deputy Prime Minister!


First Published on 29 April 2020 (updated on 10 May 2020):

Record of SARS outbreak around the World (SARS Treatment)

Record of how the Singapore Government handles the COVID-19

Major Mistakes which have caused the confirmed COVID-19 cases to surge in Singapore:

Refused to use the lessons learnt from the SARS outbreak (33 persons died in Singapore during 1 November 2002 – 31 July 2003) & encourage the People not to wear facemask before 3 April 2020.

Forget about the conditions of our Foreign Workers who live in very congested dormitories & making them vulnerable to infections from asymptomatic COVID-19 carriers. See Professor Dale Fisher’s comments. Check the Dormitory Operators involved. Any of their details here?

Please comment about the rest! Never repeat their mistakes if you want to stay alive & be happy!

Extracted from Wikipedia:

“Living conditions at foreign worker dormitories[edit]

The pandemic brought the living conditions at foreign worker dormitories to media attention. Dormitories were reported to be unsanitary and crowded, making preventative measures like social distancing difficult.[463] Retired diplomat Tommy Koh criticised the living conditions, calling it "third world" and "a time bomb waiting to explode".[464] Amnesty International called the situation a "recipe for disaster".[465] Dominique Mosbergen at the Huffington Post said that COVID-19 "exposes ugly truth about Singapore’s treatment of migrant workers".[466]

See 17 dormitories receive awards for excellence in foreign worker housing management (dated 13 September 2018) (highlighted by Chatterbox below this News report).

Can anyone please advise if these 17 dormitories which have received the “excellence” awards form any of the Clusters of the confirmed COVID-19 cases in Singapore?



TraceTogether & SafeEntry: See the News reports and the People’s comments here.


BIG News! Before and after Singapore General ElectionBloggers went MISSING! Click to see who!


See our Latest updates & Message to our Dorms workers! (<-click & see top of page)


20 January 2021: “Singapore confirms 40 new COVID-19 cases (36 imported + 4 in the Community), total at 59,197. The Total COVID cases in Singapore should be 59,240 + 98,289 positive COVID-19 cases via serology tests not included yet!

Twitter https://twitter.com/tocsg/status/1351797787252428801

From LS1965 & P65:

See our comments here. Look at the Thread on this Tweet & here, we have highlighted some of the Allergic Reactions of some Vaccines. Stay safe, we love you. The People please comment on this & other news or reply to @Michael65413248. Due to space constraints, the other News reports are listed here. Please comment diplomatically and we will hyperlink & display on our web perpetually. Thanks. 8-D

Uploaded on 20 December 2020, 18:00 SGT: There are tons of strange things happening in Singapore every day and that’s why we have invited you come and watch LIVE! You see what the highest paid Big Bullies are busy doing every day: importing Foreign Job Seekers to take up the jobs that we want to do and importing COVID-19. This means that even they have full control of our Borders; they are TOTALLY ignorant of who are sick with COVID-19 or otherwise when they enter. The Big Bullies tell the World that these people are placed on Stay-Home Notice (SHN)! Yes, SHN placed to infect others within the same premises who later become the Causations of other New COVID-19 cases in the Community!

Dear Big Bullies, do we need to give you tuition on this? Such simple thing still needs Tuition? Hopeless? Now adopt some quick testings of all who enter Singapore and this will solve tons of Problems! See the solutions here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/COVID-19_testing

The World can be our Witness to see if they will copy/have been copying us! 8-D

The smart Singaporeans would definitely do better than them if we are handling such border issues, so now quickly prepare to run for GE2025. Thanks.


See here for other dates.


Dear Big Bullies, this is a prediction & warning to you: We doubt you can make the COVID-19 cases increase rate turn zero quickly! You want to have 1m safe distancing outside the house & have the People wear facemasks, everyone can and will gladly comply! But you can’t solve this congestion problem when People stay in their HDB flats which you designed and constructed VERY SMALL and refused to live in yourselves (item 6)! See the Dormitories remained so crowded! 1m safe distancing when they stay at home? You made it IMPOSSIBLE for them!

Dear Friends around the World, you see those Highest Paid Politicians in the World have created this irreversible damage against the People! We will let the “furious” People decide how they will go after them! So the Big Bullies, you’d better really “stay & work at home”, because none of us can guarantee what will happen next when you are out!

有人作恶才变笨又不是我们的错,为什么他们一天到晚找我们算帐?See Google Translate. 8-D


These webpages are created for ALL the Goodwill to check on the status of the COVID-19 which has entered Singapore earlier. We have summarised the confirmed cases for your easy reference. With these, we are showcasing to the World how well the Singapore PAP Government has done their part to contain the virus.

When Some People can tell us including the World how MediShield Life (Item 1), CareShield Life (item 11) , Casinos & Online Gambling (item 9) etc... are good for us & busy promoting them, & worst of all; they continue harassing Good Citizens (item 3), then you know why we need to work 24/7 to repair the damage to ensure that Singapore & our Allies will prosper!



Dear Daddy God, Creator of the entire Universe, You see the Big Bullies & Monsters have arranged for @YahooSG to erase the People’s comments from 16 April 2020, 22:00 SGT to 17 April 2020, around 18:00 SGT, then they have them all deleted on 23 July 2020. We will continue to publish but please help us to remove them as they are TOXIC to our wellbeing & prosperity. Many Thanks.


The Total COVID cases in Singapore should be 59,240 + 98,289 positive COVID-19 cases via serology tests not included yet!

20 January (40 new cases, total at 59,197), 19 January (30 new cases, total at 59,157), 18 January (14 new cases, total at 59,127), 17 January (30 new cases, total at 59,113), 16 January (24 new cases, total at 59,083), 15 January (30 new cases, total at 59,059), 14 January (45 new cases, total at 59,029), 13 January (38 new cases, total at 58,984), 12 January (17 new cases, total at 58,946), 11 January (22 new cases, total at 58,929), 10 January (42 new cases, total at 58,907), 9 January (29 new cases, total at 58,865), 8 January (23 new cases, total at 58,836), 7 January (33 new cases, total at 58,813), 6 January (31 new cases, total at 58,780), 5 January (28 new cases, total at 58,749), 4 January (24 new cases, total at 58,721), 3 January (35 new cases, total at 58,697), 2 January (33 new cases, total at 58,662), 1 January 2021 (30 new cases, total at 58,629).

See earlier record here.

Please check the numbers below, earlier the numbers don’t  tally! The Government Official COVID-19 Webpage is a joke? Need to attend the Kindergarten arithmetic refresher course again?

Total number of COVID-19 Confirmed cases = 59,197, should be 59,240  + 98,289 positive COVID-19 cases via serology tests not included yet! (19 January 2021). See our exact computation.

Checked on 20 January 2020, 17:40 SGT: The figures listed below have not been updated in the Government Webpage.

Total number of Discharged cases = 58,894

Deaths = 29 (should be 44 as a Singaporean died in Batam Hospital, Case 1604Case 3381, Case 4754, Case 8190, Case 17410, Case 16370, Case 23550Cases 23908 & 24013, Case 39327, Case 28388, Case 38238, Case 45227, Case 47229 not included)

In Community Facilities = 189

Hospitalised (Stable) = 45

Hospitalised (Critical) = 0

Let’s pray that they will quickly recover. Many Thanks.

See our excellent Healthcare Professionals & Workers, so many patients have discharged! You have made Singapore Proud! Many Thanks!

Dear Daddy God, we beg & pray that You protect all the Healthcare Professionals & Workers in Singapore & around the World, so that they are always COVID-19 Free. Many Thanks.

You see how the Big Bullies contain the COVID-19, it seems that their brains & capabilities can’t match up to their fat salaries.  The COVID-19 now enters into a “bull market” in Singapore as they earlier encourage ALL the Healthy not to wear facemasks while walking around! Dear Big Bullies, please buy up all the COVID-19 stock!

Dear Daddy God our Creator, do you think it is better to let ALL the COVID-19 congregate and have parties in the Big Bullies’ big residences then they will know how to contain it? Let the evil revert back to the wicked please. Many Thanks.

You now look at the number of cases which we highlighted in red: The Big Bullies & their Police Officers are still unable to identify the COVID-19 sources that made these discharged Patients sick in the first place! You see how good they are when they come to harassing Law-abiding citizens (see item 3). Is their KPI negative? You decide! 8-D


Summary List of confirmed COVID-19 cases  

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