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Updates on 31 July 2020, 10:10 SGT:

BIG News!

We were informed on 23 July 2020 that many of the Bloggers who actively commented on the COVID-19 News & GE2020 News went MISSING! Now we are still searching for them! To prove their existence, see their comments that we have extracted earlier; these are only a tiny portion of their works:

A. COVID-19 in Singapore:

1624-3699, 3700-8014, 8015-12693, 12694-14951, 14952-17548, 17549-19410, 19411-22460, 22461-25346, 25347-28038, 28039-29314, 29315-31960, 31961-33249, 33250-37183, 37184-38514, 38515-40604, 40605-41216, 41217-42095, 42096-45783, 45784-47126, 47127-49098.

B. Singapore General Election on 10 July 2020:

Page: 123456789101112131415

The Big Bullies can’t charge them for spreading falsehood under POFMA or sue them for defamation (as they have been reporting facts), so they make them disappeared for good. Please pray for their safety and that we can find them quickly. Many Thanks.


On 23 July 2020 around 6:00 SGT, we discovered that @YahooSG had deleted ALL the comments of the smart Singaporeans (estimated at least 120,000 comments in total) found below each of the following News reports (see News reports before 23 July 2020). So many comments that the Big Bullies were desperate to have them deleted, the World can decide what the Big Bullies want to hide!


What to do when the Singapore Police give you a letter to demand you to attend an investigation session?

Step 1: Contact the Publisher for help immediately, the Angel Consultants are experienced in defending good & law-abiding Singaporeans to keep them out of trouble! Don’t worry about the cost, we will pay on your behalf if needed! They have done many FREE work for us.

Step 2: NEVER GO for the investigation!

Step 3: Upload the Police letter on the world wide web or on social media for the World to see (blank off your name)! Fax or email your replies to the Police and upload your replies for the world to see too (with your identity remain anonymous)! See the sample letter to the Police in “Updates on 24 April 2019, 5:30pm”. 8-D

Step 4: Upload the particulars of the Police Officers who harassed you: Names, Work addresses, contact nos. & mobile nos.

Step 5: Get your Followers on social media to help you to spreads the News! We will do the same for you too! Don’t worry, be HAPPY!


Last updated: 25 June 2020, 22:15 SGT

Prepare for the Singapore General Election on 10 July 2020

Singapore General Election yet, but Bloggers went MISSING!


See who went MISSING after commenting in Yahoo News:


antipap, last commented around end May 2020, has uploaded this video “Stealing paradise l Al Jazeera Investigations – YouTube” on 22 April 2020.



Chatterbox, last commented probably around 26 April 2020 in this News report: “COVID-19: Singapore confirms 931 new cases, total now 13,624”.


Layfon, last commented on 15 June 2020 in this News report: “COVID-19: Phase 2 Of Singapore’s Reopening To Start on June 19; Social Gatherings Of Up To Five Persons To Be Allowed


Mr. Bean, last commented on 17 June 2020 in this News report: “Singapore must never be where ‘pedigree and connections count more than ability and effort’: Tharman



SGSG, last commented on 22 April in this News report: “COVID-19: S'pore crosses 10,000 mark with 1,016 more cases; confirms 12th fatality and 8 clusters


Tango, last commented dated 17 June 2020 in this News report: “2 Singapore residents among 247 new COVID-19 infections; 5 community cases


yahooo, last commented dated 8 June 2020 in this News report: “COVID-19: Social gatherings pose higher risk of virus transmission than public transport Wong”.


Any other Bloggers went missing too? Contact the Publisher immediately!


Dear Big Bullies, please release them NOW! If you have done what acceptable humans do, no one will give any adverse comments on the web! Don’t play dirty by detaining them secretly! Are they still alive?

See what the Singapore Police Officers do to 2 innocent & Law-abiding citizens here:

1. Criminal Investigation Department, Singapore Police Force harassed Law-abiding Citizen.

2. See another Police case to frame against the Innocent!

Please spread the News to help them who commit no crime. Many Thanks.

Till this day, there is no apology from the Rulers and no compensation paid for damages inflicted.


Updates on 2 August 2020:

Finally we have located 1 Blogger after intensive search! We are happy to see that he is safe & sound, away from the Big Bullies!

We will keep his identity secret to protect his well-being. Please pray for all of them and that we will be able to locate the rest quickly. Many Thanks.



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