How to build housing or condo units that sell like “hot cakes”?

Really sell like “hot cakes”? How?

See the Webpages of the Millions of Singaporeans here: LS1965 & P65.

We have been hosting their webpages for FREE and have been their faithful advisor, so whatever market analysis we need in Singapore, we will just need to post the questions to them and they will give us their prompt feedbacks! This is the advantage when we serve the Righteous Singaporeans and support their works to promote Singapore, to attract FDIs into Singapore to boost Jobs Participation and contribute as they help our Allies around the World to boost Prosperity!


See HDB releases 2 executive condo sites at Sengkang and Tampines.

To avoid facing the burden of unsold units for the above and all other future projects, we want to help goodwill Developers by working with them and their Consultants to develop excellent design units that Singaporeans and Foreigners will rush to buy. Then we will help them to sell with their marketing agents too!


Thanks to the millions of Singaporeans whom we serve, we have the Big Data of what they Like and Dislike. We also know what keep them from spending $$$$ to buy new flats / houses in Singapore or Overseas. You want to work with us?

See the lists of Unsold Condo Units in Singapore 2019, We invite smart Developers who want to boost their Prosperity to team up with us to help them to boost sale!


Please contact us (during office hours) if you are interested! Have a good day.


Are you new to the Singapore Property Market? Here are some useful information: The Additional Buyer’s Stamp Duty (ABSD), Remission of ABSD for a Married Couple & QC Charges.


Acknowledgements: We thank all the authors of the articles that we hyperlinked to. We thank their precious contributions in helping to build our beautiful Singapore!


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Emmanuel & Maria International Consultants LLP & the Singaporeans on 31 December 2019.

Last updated: 6 January 2020.



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