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Updates on 21- 22 January 2020

Singaporeans trusted their leaders because they saw their lives improve in real ways and had a strong sense of optimism about the future, Deputy Prime Minister Heng Swee Keat said (reported on 20 January 2020). See more in Yahoo News especially the interesting reactions of the People below the said News Report. Many Thanks to All of You for your quick input!

Do you want a Monster who wants to impose on you “forced entry, arrest without a warrant, to detain, search & criminalize etc.” (see item 2 below) to be your Prime Minister?

The coming General Election will show the World if the Singaporeans are smart enough to protect themselves, defend their own rights against oppression or choose to do otherwise!


Updates on 18 January 2020

the political will to do things the right way and see things through”-Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, 17 January 2020.

See how Some People do things “so right” by giving us Items 1-13 below & dump to us to repair the damage 24/7. We want to sell the “rejected goods” FREE!

Yahoo Singapore, please report so that the People can voice out in your web! Many Thanks.


Wow, 60,000 jobs created from 2015 –2018 & 80% filled by Singaporeans as reported by Mr Chan Chun Sing on 16 January 2020: see CNA, Straits Times & Yahoo News<-see the interesting reactions of the People! 8-D

“80%” looks familiar! Did they copy from here or there?

Dear Singaporeans, you decide if these are Fake News! We know of Fake Jobs in the JobsBank & Fake Tenders in the GeBiz Portal, Fake News is just a “micro” matter for Some People! Every wickedness will be exposed! The Singaporeans are NOT stupid!


Updates on 16 January 2020

Unable to create quality Jobs for the People, so they want to impose “Stiffer penalties for employers with discriminatory hiring practices…” (announced by Mrs Josephine Teo on 14 January 2020) We will leave this to those affected to comment.

You decide if those “You know who” should be punished first by awarding a long list of Public Projects without ensuring that at least 50% of total Projects Workforce are Singaporeans & left many Singaporeans unemployed (see item 10)!

Dear Big Bullies, you can say “A-Z” to tell the World that you are doing work, but the Full-Time Jobs Participation Rate has remained at 48% since 2015, or is it worse now? We want to see your Productivity but not just appearing on TV to advertise yourselves!

You see, they only seem to do work & listen to the People when the General Election is approaching! After the General Election in 2015, they became our Oppressors (see items 1-13 below)! History will repeat itself, want to vote for them again?

You decide if the best way to make those “You know who” work is to make the General Election more frequent! 8-D

Do you think they should be treated with the “carrot & stick method to ensure that they won’t oppress us? 8-D

Dear Big Bullies, you have the power to act, but we will make you pay for it if you foolishly make our beloved & happy Singapore unattractive for FDIs and local investments! So think carefully before you act!


Updates on 12 January 2020

The “You know who” needs $$$$$$ & that’s why they need to sell plots of land regardless of many built units unsold!

The Developers thought that Singapore needs more housing and commercial units & quickly prepare to tender to bid for the land!

There is a serious misjudgement of the unwritten intentions of the “You know who” here. Dear Developers, don’t get conned!


See the News here to boast about the Construction Sector as reported in CNA, Straits Times & the Business Times and you decide if they are fake news! It is a known fact that many new Residential units remained unsold (see item 6)!

It is important that the construction sector continues to be driven by a skilled and capable Singapore core, Mr Zaqy Mohamad said. You know he is the Deputy Government Whip (see item 12). Let’s see if the Singaporeans can still love him & vote for him in the next General Election!

Dear Big Bullies, you can say all kinds of things & tell us they are Truth but time is running out for you! If the Singaporeans (many are qualified) still unable to find suitable jobs before the next General Election before 15 January 2021, you can guess what you fate is!

We welcome many to Singapore but you see how the Big Bullies had awarded Mega infrastructure projects & yet left many Singaporeans unable to work on these projects in item 10 & busy boosting jobless rate!


The PAP Government said that nothing would be left out without the People Consultations in the “Singapore Together Movement”, see the reports by CNA, TodayOnline & The Straits Times on 2 January 2020.

But we didn’t agree with the Big Bullies for them to pass Laws to impose on us MediShield Life (item 1 below) & later also CareShield Life (item 11) “Demand Note, Fine, Suit & Jail” if anyone defaults on the insurance premium payments & all other bullying actions stated in items 1-13 below. Big Bullies, too late even you are sorry now! More evil will be inflicted upon us if we vote for you in the coming General Election! Have you heard of any devil turned Angel? NEVER!

Dear smart Singaporeans, don’t you think we would be better off that the Big Bullies cry instead? Or we would end up like “smashed potatoes” under unjust oppression! 8-D


See the New Year Eve speeches (31 December 2019)of the Singapore Prime Minister & Deputy Prime Minister.

Our Creator, Thanks for keeping us safe in 2019. You see, the Oppressors are busied with their empty words telling the World how good they are but in fact they are ravenous wolves busy grabbing $$$$ from us and making our lives many times more miserable than marry Freddy (see items 1-13 below). You see those unfit humans have used your gifts and talents given to them to bully us & make us poorer each day. Please send your Angels help us to publish their evil deeds Worldwide! After inflicting these evils to us, they still shamelessly want to run for the next General Election! Please help us to silence the “clashing cymbals” & overthrow them in the coming General Election. Many thanks. 8-D


Posted on 26 December 2019:

Island-wide Government Initiative: Recycle your e-waste, used PCs & electronics to get Challenger vouchers!

Fantastic! Send for recycling & collect all the vouchers you want but make sure there’s no data leak for the Masterminds/Big Bullies to pick up! They have been finding ways to lure us out in order to catch us for telling the Truth! You know what we mean! The Singaporeans are NOT stupid! 8-D (posted on 26 December 2019)


Look here! While the People are struggling to find work to earn enough to pay for food, incoming bills & housing loans, you see what the Singapore Ruler is doing now (published on 20 December 2019)! Solving math problems unrelated to improving the economy or boosting Jobs Participation Rate! We aren’t impressed even he can solve millions of these! So you see: whether you starve to death or not are NONE of his business? If he is really so smart, don’t you think he should have solved this Low Full-time Jobs Participation Rate of 48%? You decide how much brains the Highest Paid Politician in the World has; using solving Math as an unjustifiable excuse to evade his responsibility towards his People? What is his KPI? We will let the World decide. 8-D


Updates on 20 December 2019:

Happy to receive the bursary for your Part-time Study? What your family and friends have paid $$$$ for the unknown coverage MediShield Life Premiums (see item 1 below) each year have far exceeded whatever the Government has granted you! Those People need to make such unlawful(?) deductions from our CPF to prevent Government Shutdown due to low tax income, as the Full-time Jobs Participation Rate is only 48%! You want to continue to feed those hateful $$$$-Grabbers worse than that Judas Iscariot?


Updates on 4 December 2019:

Singapore civil servants are getting the lowest bonus since 2009.

Singapore property market faces risks from unsold units, uncertain economy: MAS.

From the above mentioned, you can gauge the KPI of the Singapore Rulers.

Then you see:

Upcoming Budget will address Singapore's future needs, global situation: Indranee Thurai Rajah

Nice words but words alone can’t improve the Economy! You see the Singapore Rulers’ track record in items (1-13) below & decide if what they said are just empty words! You can be convinced of one thing: Some People are unable to persuade many to expand their businesses into Singapore to boost our Jobs Participation Rate! Being labelled as “dishonest & unreliable” with their deeds? Prove to the People that you are useful now!

Dear Smart Singaporeans, let’s promote Singapore and welcome many to expand their business here and help them to boost Jobs Participate too by helping them to sell in Asia. Many Thanks.


Updated on 2 December 2019:

Fake News! Get the POFMA Office to direct Brad Bowyer to correct Facebook post , Facebook had issued corrective label on  Straits Times Review Post under the Protection from Online Falsehoods and Manipulation Act (POFMA).

Real Bullying Against the People! They hate us for reporting; see items 1-13 below! We will never be silent and they can’t make Laws to stop us from reporting facts, so they had the Police Officers harass the innocent Witness and Elderly cancer survivor! Then they had someone hacked our websites to turn them all BLANK! We are determined to make them FAMOUS Worldwide!

Welcome to Singapore to see!    


Hong Kong situation at a breaking point: Chan Chun Sing (dated 18 November 2019)

See what the Singapore Government gives us in items (1-13) below!

有些人言行不检,给人民制造不幸,还敢批评别人,真是不要脸!要治国的人先要治好自己!这些人应该要解决的是眼前的大麻烦!See Google Translate . 8-D

OFF!!! To where? Can the World please advise?

We Welcome All the Righteous to Singapore!


Next general election a 'high stakes' one for PAP, says PM Lee Hsien Loong: reports dated 10 November 2019.

Please see below the same report on the reactions of the People too.

“We must convince Singaporeans to give us a strong mandate. Not just to return a PAP government, but also to secure Singapore for the long term,” Lee added, noting that the coming election will be a “high stakes” one.

“This election is not just about the PAP doing a bit better or a bit worse. This election will decide if Singapore can sustain good and stable government, to be different from other countries for a long time to come,” Lee said.

Dear Friends around the World, see the items 1-13 below that the PAP Government (see their names at top right corner) has given us in the past 20+ years, we are not convinced that they are able to make Singapore & You prosper.

We want to get rid of the “Highest Paid but unproductive” to save cost! We love recycling!

Any of you want the “goods”? We want to give them away FREE, please take now with “NO $$$ & carry yourself” Terms. Many Thanks.


“Those who participate in politics must be honest, upright people who can be trusted to uphold public interest, speak the truth even at a cost to themselves and admit their mistakes when they have done wrong.” -DPM Heng Swee Keat dated 5 November 2019.

See items (1-13) on what the PAP Rulers & MPs have done to us! Do you think they have these basics?


Written on 17 October 2019

See what PM Lee Hsien Loong said here:

“And hardest of all, PAP and union leaders then had to persuade Singaporeans and workers to accept the bitter medicine,” added Mr Lee.

“But each time, we tackled the problem together, pulled through, and emerged stronger and more united.”

Really? Please see the PAP Government’s track record below (items 1-13)! Do you think with more of “them together with us”, we will quickly end up like pancakes?

Welcome to Singapore to see “Pancakes making”! 8-D




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Important note:

The above article is an Unpaid Publication of Clients. We have checked the relevant facts to be correct & non-defamatory! We have done this to gain the goodwill of our Singaporeans so that they will not end up on the Streets to protest or create disorders which will affect the Prosperity of our beloved Singapore!

Dear PAP Government, we would be happy to help you to publish any clarification you may have upon your payment of fees to us; the amount to be paid will be conveyed to you by our Consultants. Thank you.