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Please note that this Webpage & related were found hacked & turned BLANK  on 29 October morning & 3 November 2019 before 4am (SGT) & earlier (total 4 occasions). The “oppressors” don’t want you to see the 13 items listed? See item 8 for detail. You are advised to take note of all listed here before it is being hacked again! Please spread the message! 8-D

Are you a Client of the Publisher? Don’t worry, there will NEVER  have data leak because the Sensible Consultants will never leave the Clients confidential data anywhere outside their FULL Control, your data will never be stored in any Websites, Cloud  Services etc., but they are locked in a safe place where only the Directors have access.

What to do next? When you see the websites turn BLANK, please send a message to +65 93384746 and we will take care of the rest. These are the Websites:




After our investigations & deductions, we are certain that this hacking must have done by “insiders”. Who will benefit most when our webpages turn blank? Is it the Singapore PAP Rulers & MPs? You decide.

The Hosting Supplier is Vodien Group and we were informed that WEBSERVER.SG managed the above mentioned web hosting! See their reply to us when possible “insiders” hack our Websites. Want them to provide the same service to you?

See how some people were so busy hacking our Websites that they have turned tons of our People’s confidential information into public documents! See item 8. 8-(

The righteous will never be uprooted, but the wicked will not remain in the land. (Proverbs 10:30) 8-D


Checking if we are still alive?

Don’t worry, if you don’t see new updates from us, it means that we are busy digging up the facts in order to present them to you. You may also refer to Twitter @Michael65413248 to check if we are safe. Please remember us in your prayers & help us to promote Singapore so that we can help boost Jobs Participation Rate worldwide. Many Thanks.

Dear SG Rulers, still can’t locate us? Come now! We want to play round the clock Hide & Seek with you all!

Welcome to Singapore watch live!


Dear Fellow Smart Singaporeans, 

We have been working 24/7 to repair the damage inflicted by the “You know who” stated in items (1-13) below. We need you to work with us to help to repair the damage and promote Singapore to help to boost Jobs Participation Rates for ourselves and our Allies around the World! Singapore can only prosper when others prosper too!

As you know, our official Twitter Accounts have been suspended on 10 April 2019 thanks to those “You know who” but we still can help you with our Network as we have Allies worldwide! Anything you need us to take note or retweet to the World? Please reply to Twitter Account @Michael65413248 tweet dated 5 September 2019:

“The #Singapore General Election is just round the corner! Do you want to know what the #Singaporeans are talking about? (we hyperlinked to this page)

They will be happy if you join in the discussion constructively! All of us welcome the #Goodwill to this beautiful Garden City!”

          We always cooperate with the Goodwill. Have a good day!


Updates on 22-24 January 2020

Good News for the PAP Rulers and MPs! The Online Citizen Websites have been hacked & turned BLANK just like what happened to us earlier, while the PAP Rulers Mr Chan Chun Sing & Mrs Josephine Teo are busy appearing on TV & online to advertise themselves! Really serving the People? “Micro” good results or KPI negative? You decide!

Dear Singaporeans, if you have become richer as compared to the last General Election in 2015, happy with your present work & NOT jobless, LOVE MediShield Life (Item 1 below) & CareShield Life (item 11) & Various Laws passed in Parliament to “forced entry, arrest without a warrant…” (item 2 below), please stick close to the Big Bullies like “super-glue” to show your FULL Support! Now Our Creator is helping us to fight against unjust oppression! Impending doom for them? 8-D


Updates on 11-13 February 2020

Some People have instructed Enterprise Singapore to call SMEs to offer a loan up to $300,000 (or more under special conditions, no collateral needed!) at an interest rate of 3.62% (please check!). You dare to borrow $$$$$ from the Monsters who arranged for the Singapore Police Force to harass a SME & her family even she commits NO crime & has NEVER borrowed $$$$$ from them (see item 3 below), want to impose on you MediShield Life & CareShield Life “Demand Note, Fine, Suit & Jail”, see items 1 below & item 11? Or you want Anyone just break into your office, arrest without a warrant & to criminalise you (see item 2 below)?

None of us able to bail you out if these happen to you! You know we have NO control over the Singapore Police or Armed Forces! The Wise will be cautious if the Monsters offer him some goodies!


Updates on 9-13 February 2020

Dear “You know who”, you see the number of confirmed coronavirus cases yourselves! You should be tracing the “People & Animals” sources that the patients encountered, not just the places! Now you still can’t trace the sources for the later coronavirus cases! Work with the related Countries to trace the sources (if needed)! Do you need us to give you step-by-step tuition? Please work harder with your Fat Salaries as we work 24/7 FREE to promote Singapore to boost Jobs Participation Rate & make our Allies prosper too!


Updates on 7-9 February 2020

He was one of several medics targeted by police for trying to blow the whistle on the deadly Coronavirus in the early weeks of the outbreak via CNN News

Please help us to spread our messages in these webpages as the Big Bullies want us dead too by first getting the Singapore Police Force to harass Good Citizens, trying to criminalize them & wanting them to reveal our identities as we have been warning ALL about their “good deeds” (see item 3 below)!

The Monsters have abused their power & have used many innovative ways to Grab$$$$$ & oppress us (see here)!

Dear Fellow Smart Singaporeans, if you feel being oppressed, just pray to God that the coronavirus will quickly stick onto them like “super-glue”! Till this day, they still unable to locate us! 8-D

Welcome to Singapore to see! 8-D


Updates on 28-30 January 2020

Dear Big Bullies, You know we have been busy promoting Singapore to attract FDIs to boost Full-time Jobs Participation Rate & helping our Allies around the World to boost prosperity.

Dear Friends around the World, Don’t you agree that those who are not so smart in boosting Jobs Participate Rate but have vast resources should at least show that they can contain the coronavirus to stop them from spreading to others?

If those Big Bullies dare to obstruct our work to make Singapore & our Allies to prosper, we will definitely make them pay! 8-D


Updates on 22-24 January 2020

You see, Some People are not satisfied with Local Media marketing on TV and Internet so they fly over to Davos hoping to gain more International attention! Wow, the Singapore Prime Minister told the World from Davos (reported by The Straits Times dated 23 January 2020) how good he has been treating us! Please compare what he said & what he & his Government did and are doing to the Singaporeans now (see items 1-13 below)!

We are surprised that after giving us so many “goodies” they still dare to fly by plane! Aren’t they afraid that they may suddenly fall off like “rejected goods” & be eaten up by Sharks?

Dear Friends around the World, in order to keep your “good luck”, you may need to take active steps to avoid the Wicked! Their Bad Luck will spread faster than SARS! 8-(


Thanks to the “excellent” PAP Rulers & MPs, Singapore has slipped in Democracy Ranking! (reported by Bloomberg on 22 January 2020). You decide what adverse effects it has on our Businesses & Jobs Participation Rate!


Updates on 21- 22 January 2020

Singaporeans trusted their leaders because they saw their lives improve in real ways and had a strong sense of optimism about the future, Deputy Prime Minister Heng Swee Keat said (reported on 20 January 2020). See more in Yahoo News especially the interesting reactions of the People below the said News Report. Many Thanks to All of You for your quick input!

Do you want a Monster who wants to impose on you “forced entry, arrest without a warrant, to detain, search & criminalize etc.” (see item 2 below) to be your Prime Minister?

The coming General Election will show the World if the Singaporeans are smart enough to protect themselves, defend their own rights against oppression or choose to do otherwise!


Updates on 18 January 2020

“the political will to do things the right way and see things through”-Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, 17 January 2020.

See how Some People do things “so right” by giving us Items 1-13 below & dump to us to repair the damage 24/7. We want to sell the “rejected goods” FREE!

Yahoo Singapore, please report so that the People can voice out in your web! Many Thanks.


Wow, 60,000 jobs created from 2015 –2018 & 80% filled by Singaporeans as reported by Mr Chan Chun Sing on 16 January 2020: see CNA, Straits Times & Yahoo News<-see the interesting reactions of the People! 8-D

“80%” looks familiar! Did they copy from here or there?

Dear Singaporeans, you decide if these are Fake News! We know of Fake Jobs in the JobsBank & Fake Tenders in the GeBiz Portal, Fake News is just a “micro” matter for Some People! Every wickedness will be exposed! The Singaporeans are NOT stupid!


Updates on 16 January 2020

Unable to create quality Jobs for the People, so they want to impose “Stiffer penalties for employers with discriminatory hiring practices…” (announced by Mrs Josephine Teo on 14 January 2020) We will leave this to those affected to comment.

You decide if those “You know who” should be punished first by awarding a long list of Public Projects without ensuring that at least 50% of total Projects Workforce are Singaporeans & left many Singaporeans unemployed (see item 10)!

Dear Big Bullies, you can say “A-Z” to tell the World that you are doing work, but the Full-Time Jobs Participation Rate has remained at 48% since 2015, or is it worse now? We want to see your Productivity but not just appearing on TV to advertise yourselves!

You see, they only seem to do work & listen to the People when the General Election is approaching! After the General Election in 2015, they became our Oppressors (see items 1-13 below)! History will repeat itself, want to vote for them again?

You decide if the best way to make those “You know who” work is to make the General Election more frequent! 8-D

Do you think they should be treated with the “carrot & stick method” to ensure that they won’t oppress us? 8-D

Dear Big Bullies, you have the power to act, but we will make you pay for it if you foolishly make our beloved & happy Singapore unattractive for FDIs and local investments! So think carefully before you act!


Updates on 12 January 2020

The “You know who” needs $$$$$$ & that’s why they need to sell plots of land regardless of many built units unsold!

The Developers thought that Singapore needs more housing and commercial units & quickly prepare to tender to bid for the land!

There is a serious misjudgement of the unwritten intentions of the “You know who” here. Dear Developers, don’t get conned!


See the News here to boast about the Construction Sector as reported in CNA, Straits Times & the Business Times and you decide if they are fake news! It is a known fact that many new Residential units remained unsold (see item 6)!

It is important that the construction sector continues to be driven by a skilled and capable Singapore core, Mr Zaqy Mohamad said. You know he is the Deputy Government Whip (see item 12). Let’s see if the Singaporeans can still love him & vote for him in the next General Election!

Dear Big Bullies, you can say all kinds of things & tell us they are Truth but time is running out for you! If the Singaporeans (many are qualified) still unable to find suitable jobs before the next General Election before 15 January 2021, you can guess what you fate is!

We welcome many to Singapore but you see how the Big Bullies had awarded Mega infrastructure projects & yet left many Singaporeans unable to work on these projects in item 10 & busy boosting jobless rate!



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Important note:

The above article is an Unpaid Publication of Clients. We have checked the relevant facts to be correct & non-defamatory! We have done this to gain the goodwill of our Singaporeans so that they will not end up on the Streets to protest or create disorders which will affect the Prosperity of our beloved Singapore!

Dear PAP Government, we would be happy to help you to publish any clarification you may have upon your payment of fees to us; the amount to be paid will be conveyed to you by our Consultants. Thank you.