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Compiled on 11 September 2020, 12:14 SGT.

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Dear Friends around the World & the smart Singaporeans,

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In Singapore, the Big Bullies have made excellent Promises to the smart Singaporeans to get them good jobs, see below & your good brains will tell you if they are telling “white lies” to make the People Happy for a short time (with ZERO prospect?).

See how the Big Bullies are still busy importing Foreign Jobseekers into the Singapore Jobs market even knowing fully well that many smart Singaporeans are Jobless/underemployed! Well we encourage You to please compete with them in GE2025 to replace them in Parliament. This is the ONLY way for us to stay ALIVE & Prosper. Thanks.


Retrenchments & Closing of Businesses in Singapore:

Singapore Airlines Group to cut about 4,300 positions as COVID-19 batters aviation industry (10 September 2020)


Thousands of jobs in S’pore may go in next 6 months, say experts (8 September 2020)


Retrenched Employees by Industry and Occupational Group, Quarterly


Chinatown and Little India businesses frequented by migrant workers badly hit by Covid-19 (6 September 2020)


Maersk to cut jobs in major reorganisation (1 September 2020)


Over 20 tourist souvenir shops in Singapore shut, more to follow amid Covid-19 travel restrictions (16 August 2020)


Gallery & Co operator bows out; vendors face payment woes (7 August 2020)


Jobs crisis may require more measures (3 August 2020)


Retrenched workers cut expenses, take on temporary jobs | Video (29 July 2020)


Unions halt 'unfair' retrenchment by aerospace firm, industrial action averted (29 July 2020)


Karaoke chain Teo Heng may soon close half of its 14 outlets; Manekineko also feeling the stress (24 July 2020)


COVID-19: Grab cuts 360 employees in 'last organisation-wide layoff' this year (16 July 2020)


Singapore's phase 2 reopening: Holland Village eatery ordered to close after crowds gather outside (21 June 2020)


Zara owner to close up to 1,200 stores globally after first-ever loss; plans big online push (11 June 2020)


China Club at Capital Tower closes for good after years of losses (28 May 2020)


Uber to move Asia-Pacific HQ out of Singapore as virus impact worsens (20 May 2020)


Retrenchments and withdrawn job offers: Singapore's labour market shows signs of COVID-19 strain (23 April 2020)


Coronavirus pandemic deals fatal blow to struggling businesses (6 April 2020)


DFS offers retrenched employees better severance deal following talks with union (6 November 2019)


The Big Read: Layoffs part and parcel of any business, but not all firms let workers go with dignity (21 October 2019)


Singapore Press Holdings to cut 5% of media jobs as part of restructuring exercise (17 October 2019)





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