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Avoid Long COVID?

See Worldometer: Coronavirus Singapore:

No. of Active cases=  Coronavirus Cases - Deaths - Recovered.

From 7 November, MOH only reports the 7-day moving average of cases, with number of daily cases displayed on the weekly situation report.

The number of Active Cases based on Worldometer record above is listed here.

https://twitter.com/Michael65413248/status/1581920858938871808, https://twitter.com/Michael65413248/status/1587272282245713920, https://twitter.com/Michael65413248/status/1581921433743110144.

We thank All who have listed their precious comments above to keep as proper record as we have been busy caring for those who have been made “COVID Sick”.

Total number of COVID cases in Singapore = what stated here Worldometer, https://www.moh.gov.sg/ (or what summarised as official above) + undercounting + 98,289 positive COVID-19 cases via serology tests not included yet!

Total COVID Related Death Cases in Singapore = what stated here https://www.moh.gov.sg/ (or what stated as official below) + 16 undercounting or direct/indirect related to COVID

See Summary of COVID Situation in Singapore (until 8 August 2022) at the bottom of this page.

Please try your best to work remotely, that’s the only way to minimise your chances of getting infected, you can’t be COVID-Safe even with your facemask on 24/7 in Singapore! Avoid crowded places & stay safe because we love you! 8-D

From Pope Francis I -> COVID: The sick - Christ's most beloved flesh (video).

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Note: As we are busy helping those who have been affected by this COVID crisis in Singapore, finding ways and working hard to repair the damage, we may be late with the updates. Please refer to https://twitter.com/Michael65413248 for some latest record. Take care, put on your facemask and stay healthy, because we love you! 8-)



Who says any Elderly who has multiple serious underlying medical conditions is more likely to die of COVID infection/vaccination? New


The COVID-19 Vaccine is now available, should I get vaccinated?

Uploaded on 21-24 July 2022

We have compiled this important finding to share with you:

After conducting a survey of more than 30,000 People in our Team who had contracted COVID-19 before they took the 1st jab of the COVID vaccination (after 3-6 months of the COVID illness), at least 99.8% of them did not experience much adverse effects (as they already have the COVID antibodies) but only some pain at the vaccinated location. On the 2nd day, they started to develop COVID symptoms such as severe headache, tiredness and fever above 37.5°C but below 38.0°C. They only became better on the 4th day. If you are in the same category and have experienced more adverse effects as compared to that, we advise you to consider carefully if you want to take your booster jab five months later. We were informed that after the booster jab, some of them developed joint pains and/or other serious adverse effects which persisted for many months and need to be treated (hope that they can get well soon), but NONE of the Medical Doctors want to admit that this is due to the booster jabs, however, your smart brains and your body will tell you the TRUTH! We just hope that any booster jabs will NOT cause any permanent damage to your health or even death.



Updates on 13 April (from the Elderly Care Webpage) to 9 May 2022:

How to keep your cute Elderly at home safe from COVID virus?

Our lives were turned upside-down when some of our Elderly were tested positive for COVID despite them being always at home. We prayed for their lives and eventually we were also being tested positive and we ended up in the same isolation facilities so that we could help taking care of them. COVID is NEVER mild and there were countless times we felt that our spirits departed from our bodies like dead men! Finally the doctors allowed us to leave isolation after 14 days and we felt devastated as weakness and fatigues have always been with us and many times we felt breathless! Our recovered Elderly experience even worse as they start to throw tantrum always, complain of confusion, throwing things in the house involuntarily, refuse to eat or consume the medications, coughing always and spend most of their time “unresponsive” and sleeping! We are now trying hard to nurse them back to “normal”. Most of us live in HDB Flats, so we open wide our windows and doors to facilitate air circulation and always put on facemasks at home whenever we go near our Elderly and hugging them! Green & Clean Singapore has turned COVID-Hub? You decide, as NONE of us can find COVID-FREE AIR the moment we step out of the house. When you can’t breathe properly, how to work effectively? Welcome to Singapore if you want to live with COVID as what our “excellent” PAP Rulers said! We are now fighting to live even without invasion of others!

Dear Daddy God, Creator of the entire Universe, we thank You for keeping us alive after being infected with COVID and letting us went through the near death experience to make us realise the shortness of our lives, so that we may gain wisdom of heart! We thank You for making us experience personally that there is nothing better in this life than to obey You, to live in Your Grace, to know, love You and to engage actively in Your service as we do our Professional works, knowing that You are the ONLY Truth and Justice in the World that we can rely on 100% and we will be rewarded justly for All our efforts. Please give us the strength and that burning desire to work hard to protect All the Goodwill we know and keep them safe from the virus. You know that we love You always. Many Thanks.


Many People asked us a lot of questions, these are the important answers:

Those COVID cases among us have been working remotely for the past 6 months and they only use the Public Transport during off-peak hours. They seldom go shopping and have been buying online. From what we have stated here, you should gauge for yourself how bad the COVID situation in Singapore is now! We thank the PAP Government for their “excellent” containment of the virus.


Updates on 6 May—5 July 2022:

We hate to say this: If the PAP Government’s Easing Measures are really effective, then the number of  Daily New COVID cases should quickly fall to zero and the death count should cease to surge, but you see this is not the case recently: 5 July 2022 (MOH report) record!

These are the things we are going to do next to protect ourselves from being infected & other related stated here:

Updates on 24-25 June 2022

We thank NightGhost for his precious contribution in commenting that “Got accurate meh? My company almost becum like cluster liao. 1 by 1 positive some more need throat test to …”.

Dear Daddy God, Creator of the entire Universe, Thanks for hearing us always. Now we are in a dilemma: If our Companies do not allow us to work remotely, we may need to live remotely away from our families to keep them safe. Please let the World see how You will deal with those wicked Big Bullies COVID Importers who have been busy making excellent contributions in moulding Singapore into a COVID Hub!

Updates on 15 June 2022

We agree with what stated in the extracts here but not the title:

This COVID wave might be the start of our ‘new normal,’ experts say—here’s what you need to know (11 June 2022)


If you test positive, quarantine or isolate yourself appropriately — even if that means having to skip something important in your life. Forman says you could also consult your doctor about an antiviral treatment like Paxlovid, which is becoming increasingly available for treating Covid infections.

“Paxlovid works best if used to treat patients early, which means testing is even more important now than it was a few months ago,” he says.

Updates on 13 June 2022

We want to verify what have been presented as follows:

Doctors say these pandemic side effects are serious problems—and unlikely ‘to go away anytime soon’ (25 May 2022)

Long COVID is ‘continuing to increase,’ experts say. Here’s how to know if you have it — and what to do about it (10 May 2022)

Majority of U.S. population has Covid antibodies, CDC says — here’s what that means for you (29 March 2022)

Updates on 16 May 2022

Many COVID cases who work remotely reported to us that it is highly probable that they have been infected with the virus after using the Public Toilets. We have found this useful article that supported what they said. Undoubtedly, the Public Toilets are the most usual places many go to which can classify as “confined space with poor ventilation”.

What we are going to do next? Only bring our Elderly and children out during weekdays and try to cut short each trip so that we can avoid using Public Toilets. We are sick of those who are busy importing the virus into Singapore have chosen to act “blind” even though they knew this, refused to disinfect the Public Toilets continuously and have made countless sick. Now the Death count in  Singapore is 1366 (officially reported dated 16 May 2022) + 16 undercounted = 1382.

Updates on 10 May 2022

Have you noticed one thing: The PAP Government and the Tourism Board have been advertising over TV and Web to tell the World how GREEN Singapore is in order to boost our tourism, but they are unable to name any specific location  that is COVID-FREE? You notice the Mass Transit System has advertised that they have exchanged the air in the Train every 6 minutes, but they cannot give you a sweeping promise that the interior of each train chamber is COVID-FREE! We have reported above that even Professionals who have been working remotely have been infected, you can judge for yourself how safe is Singapore from the COVID Virus!

We have been doing this to protect our Elderly and children: Never bring them into any Air-con enclosed space either for shopping or dinning, unless they can promise you that their premises are COVID-Free. We intend to bring them to Gardens and have picnic with them to keep them occupied and happy.

Updates on 6 May 2022

In addition to putting on the facemask when attending any Religious Activities or other Massive Gatherings, we are going to observe safe distancing. As you know, many of the COVID cases in Singapore have no symptoms and they are unaware that they have been infected too, but the virus count within them can be high and can infect others involuntarily & easily, causing many become sick. You must remember always that your facemask can NEVER give you 100% COVID Protection!

Avoid using the Air-con but open wide the windows at home/work place to facilitate air-circulation. To keep the surrounding temperature not too warm, use the Electric Cooler instead, which you can clean easily frequently.

Continue to work remotely if possible to avoid the crowd in using Public Transport.

If possible, stop sending the young children to Childcare Facilities and the Elderly to Day-care Facilities but to keep them at home, let them learn from the Internet.


We will list out the rest later. Please take good care of yourself and stay fully alive, because we love you. 8-D



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Encouragement Part-3B                  COVID-19 Singapore


Important Note: Starting from 11 June 2022, you note that Many English News publishers have copied the style of https://www.moh.gov.sg/ and have  STOPPED to report on the Total New Daily COVID cases in Singapore over the web for your permanent & long-term reference. You decide if they have been bought over by the Big Bullies to help cover up the BAD News! Thanks to the Wicked, the World is darkened and Justice is denied, as COUNTLESS have been made SICK and MANY Died in Singapore!

COVID-19 pandemic in Singapore, People’s comments: Click on MOH report” below & more comments: 01, 02, 03, 04, 05.

Johns Hopkins University Record

Reuters COVID Tracker for Singapore

Year 2022: COVID cases

The percentage of Population being infected by COVID = (Total stated below + undercounting + 98,289 positive COVID-19 cases via serology tests not included below) ÷ (Total Population in Singapore) x 100= Please compute yourself!

Now, at least 3 out of 10 Persons in Singapore have been tested COVID positive!

Total Death Toll = Stated in https://www.moh.gov.sg/ + 16 undercounting or direct/indirect related to COVID

8 August: 3,541 new cases, Total 1,763,116. 2 new Death cases. MOH report.

7 August: 4798 new cases, Total 1,759,575. 3 new Death cases. MOH report.

6 August: 5,633 new cases, Total 1,754,777. 2 new Death cases. MOH report.

5 August: 6,270 new cases, Total 1,749,144. 3 new Death cases. MOH report.

4 August: 6,648 new cases, Total 1,742,874. 3 new Death cases. MOH report.

3 August: 7,231 new cases, Total 1,736,226. 4 new Death cases. MOH report.

2 August: 10,230 new cases, Total 1,728,995. 4 new Death cases. MOH report.

1 August: 4,709 new cases, Total 1,718,765. 2 new Death cases. MOH report.


31 July: 5,106 new cases, Total 1,714,056. 3 new death cases. MOH report.

30 July: 6,558 new cases, Total 1,708,950. 3 new death cases. MOH report.

29 July: 7,938 new cases, Total 1,702,392. 2 new death cases. MOH report.

28 July: 8,565 new cases, Total 1,694,454. 2 new death cases. MOH report.

27 July: 8,763 new cases, Total 1,685,889. 3 new death cases. MOH report.

26 July: 12,419 new cases, Total 1,677,126. 4 new death cases. MOH report.

IMF says Singapore is well-protected against shocks due to large reserves, but netizens concerned over high prices (25 July 2022)

25 July: 5551 new cases, Total 1,664,707. 7 new death cases. MOH report.

24 July: 6175 new cases, Total 1,659,156. 4 new death cases. MOH report.

23 July: 7,889 new cases, Total 1,652,981. 4 new death cases. MOH report.

6 local cases of BA.2.75 subvariant detected in Singapore (22 July 2022)


22 July: 8,983 new cases, Total 1,645,092. 2 new death cases. MOH report.

21 July: 9,749 new cases, Total 1,636,109. 3 new death cases. MOH report.

20 July: 10,293 new cases, Total 1,626,360. 3 new death cases. MOH report.

19 July: 13,794 new cases, Total 1,616,067. 3 new death cases. MOH report.

Click on the 3rd hyperlink above https://forums.hardwarezone.com.sg/threads/mas-posts-7-4-billion-annual-loss.6781559/ to see the People’s comments on “MAS posts $7.4 billion annual loss, weighed by stronger Singdollar amid soaring inflation​.”

A four year-old girl who came down with #Covid19 has died, said #Singapore Ministry of Health. This is the second death here caused by the coronavirus in a patient aged below 12.


18 July: 6227 new cases, Total 1,602,273. 4 new death cases. MOH report.

17 July: 6,947 new cases, Total 1,596,046. 3 new death cases. MOH report.

16 July: 9,153 new cases, Total 1,589,099. 3 new death cases. MOH report.

15 July: 10,526 new cases, Total 1,579,946. 3 new death cases. MOH report.

14 July: 11,772 new cases, Total 1,569,420. 4 new death cases. MOH report.

13 July: 16,870 new cases, Total 1,557,648. 3 new death cases. MOH report.

12 July: 5,979 new cases, Total 1,540,778. 5 new death cases. MOH report.

11 July: 4,495 new cases, Total 1,534,799. Total Death Toll is 1432. MOH report.
We thank “
swageat” for recalling the events!

10 July: 6,423 new cases, Total 1,530,304. 4 new death cases. MOH report.

9 July: 8,659 new cases, Total 1,523,881. 1 new death case. MOH report.

8 July: 9,284 new cases, Total 1,515,222. 1 new death case. MOH report.

7 July: 9,985 new cases, Total 1,505,938. 3 new death cases. MOH report.

6 July: 9,989 new cases, Total 1,495,953. 2 new death cases. MOH report.

Over half of S'pore workers would consider quitting if made to return to workplace full-time (5 July 2022)

5 July: 12,784 new cases, Total 1,485,964. 2 new death cases. MOH report.

4 July: 5946 new cases, Total 1,473,180. 1 new death case. MOH report.

3 July: 6127 new cases, Total 1,467,234. 2 new death cases. MOH report.

Dear Daddy God, Creator of the entire Universe, Thanks for being with us always. We come to You and humbly beg for Your Mercy and Support as our efforts to repair this COVID damage seem fruitless and now we suffer exhaustion due to lack of sleep/rest. You know the Big Bullies are still busy importing the virus. As You have raised the Dead and healed the Sick, please come and give life, to recreate in us what have been damaged. Many Thanks.

2 July: 7952 new cases, Total 1,461,107. 1 new death case. MOH report.

We thank tom_kkh, sunsetbay & shidenx for their useful comments.

1 July: 9087 new cases, Total 1,453,155. 2 new death cases. MOH report.


Click here for earlier record.

From Wikipedia:

Timeline of the COVID-19 pandemic in Singapore (2020), (2021), (2022).




You may verify what have been stated in the following:

確診得到新冠肺炎後,竟然輕輕鬆鬆就痊癒了,因為做到這五件事|有醫學實證的提升免疫力 | 60歲邱正宏醫師跟你說【邱正宏談健康】


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Singapore PAP Government Publication & Related News starting from 15 March 2022 onwards:



Updated Measures for Monkeypox (1 August 2022)


Update to the Number of Local COVID-19 Deaths in 2021 (1 August 2022)


July 2022

Updates on the local monkeypox situation

What is the dosage used for booster vaccination?


Access to the Novavax/Nuvaxovid Vaccine (22 July 2022) 


ADJUSTMENT OF MEASURES FOR IN-PERSON VISITS TO HOSPITALS AND RESIDENTIAL CARE HOMES (5 July 2022) https://www.moh.gov.sg/news-highlights/details/adjustment-of-measures-for-in-person-visits-to-hospitals-and-residential-care-homes

See the People’s comments.

June 2022

Passing of Paediatric Patient With Covid-19 Infection (27 June 2022)       


Preparing for Rise In Covid-19 Cases Driven by the Ba.4 and Ba.5 Subvariants (27 June 2022) https://www.moh.gov.sg/news-highlights/details/preparing-for-rise-in-covid-19-cases-driven-by-the-ba.4-and-ba.5-subvariants

[Latest] All Singapore households to receive 10 ART kits next month as COVID cases spike. See the People’s comments.

RISE IN BA.4 AND BA.5 SUBVARIANT CASES DRIVES RECENT INCREASE IN COVID-19 CASES (21 June 2022) https://www.moh.gov.sg/news-highlights/details/rise-in-ba.4-and-ba.5-subvariant-cases-drives-recent-increase-in-covid-19-cases

FURTHER RATIONALISATION OF SMMS, BOOSTING VACCINATIONS, AND UPDATES TO COVID-19 SUBSIDIES (10 June 2022) https://www.moh.gov.sg/news-highlights/details/further-rationalisation-of-smms-boosting-vaccinations-and-updates-to-covid-19-subsidies



May 20222

THREE COVID-19 LOCAL CASES TESTED POSITIVE FOR OMICRON BA.4 AND BA.5 VARIANTS (15 May 2022) https://www.moh.gov.sg/news-highlights/details/three-covid-19-local-cases-tested-positive-for-omicron-ba.4-and-ba.5-variants

START OF NUVAXOVID COVID-19 VACCINATION AND JOINT TESTING VACCINATION CENTRE OPERATIONS (13 May 2022) https://www.moh.gov.sg/news-highlights/details/start-of-nuvaxovid-covid-19-vaccination-and-joint-testing-vaccination-centre-operations

PAEDIATRIC VACCINATION AT SELECTED POLYCLINICS AND PUBLIC HEALTH PREPAREDNESS CLINICS (11 May 2022) https://www.moh.gov.sg/news-highlights/details/paediatric-vaccination-at-selected-polyclinics-and-public-health-preparedness-clinics

FIRST SHIPMENT OF NUVAXOVID COVID-19 VACCINE HAS ARRIVED IN SINGAPORE (4 May 2022) https://www.moh.gov.sg/news-highlights/details/first-shipment-of-nuvaxovid-covid-19-vaccine-has-arrived-in-singapore_4May2022


See earlier record.


The number of Active Cases based on John Hopkins University computation– Still need to verify.